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Happy New Year Lake Atitlan Guatemala 2015

Happy New Year Guatemala. Lake Atitlan an amazing lake,  so full of mystery and sometimes magic, cures and treatments, war, cultural changes and tourism. New Years eve in Guatemala is about celebration and lots of Fireworks. Now I shot this photo used in this post on New Years Eve of 2014 from the deck of my small house on the edge of Lake Atitlan.

Happy New Year Lake Atitlan Guatemala 2015

Panajachel is a town in the southwestern Guatemalan Highlands, which is then less than 90 miles from Guatemala City. Sounds close it is an amazing drive from Guatemala City to Pana as the city is called. Pana has become the central gateway for tourists to access other villages around the lake. There are no roads to easily take you around the lake. Boats are the main means of access to villages like San Pedro and San Marcos. The lake now survives on Tourism.

Looking back at this past year at the Lake for me is about closer bonds, and a better understanding of the culture. A lot is made about Antigua, been there done that. The culture of the lake is truly genuine, for sure it does not come fast being accepted and most of all trusted.

The people that live here have good reason to be skeptical of Ex Pats. Over the last years again I hear more stories of Ex Pats taking advantage of Local Businesses and People on the lake.

For me the last year of closer bonds comes out of my desire to prove right or wrong that the herbal medicines of Guatemala used to treat many diseases works. Grow Your Own Cure, I hope someday that this brand becomes a house hold word. And that it is Guatemalan. Being able to reach the people that make these cures was not easy.

Henry and Poncho 2 young men wanting to change the way they live and their children, boat Captains from San Pedro introduced us to the true healers in the Highlands of Guatemala.

That took 1 year, Happy News Year Lake Atitlan Guatemala.

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