• Lake Atitlan Travel Reviews

    Lake Atitlan Travel Reviews read what our guests are saying about their experience with our Lake Atitlan Tour business and their adventures in Guatemala.

Lake Atitlan Travel Reviews

There’s no better way to learn what a tour company is like than from the firsthand experiences of fellow travelers.  Lake Atitlan Tours has been creating one-of-a-kind exciting travel experiences for many years.

Read what our guests are saying about their experience with our Lake Atitlan Tour business and their adventures in Guatemala.

Lake Atitlan Travel Reviews

Highlight of my trip

Kara and her tours are incredible. I was lucky enough to have a one on one tour with her (I went during the off-season). In short, here are the reasons I would highly recommend this tour company:

1. The tours are off the beaten path– hikes through areas only locals (which she’s is, having been there for years after moving from the Midwest) would know.

2. The biodiversity. We walked through a dense pine forest and then came out to the beautiful Mayan irrigation trenches, on which she was knowledgable and educated me. Plus, she knows where to go to take some seriously beautiful photos of the lake.

3. Kara’s intuitive nature. She’s a great listener (and conversationalist for that matter) and picked up on what elements of the tour were interesting to me and then tailored the tour to accommodate. It’s obvious she wants her tours to be meaningful and have a deeper impact. She cares about people.

4. I felt safe with her. As a young female traveling through Guatemala solo, I was hesitant to go on a hike alone with a stranger but those doubts quickly left when I met Kara. She knows the locals, speaks the language, and has a positive upbeat vibe. We rode the chicken buses to get around and she took me to her favorite street vendors. We talked all day and I wasn’t bored (or scared) for a second!

Kara’s tour had the X factor. I wasn’t expecting to be as impacted by it as I was, but the views were beautiful and with Kara as my guide, the experience became more than just a hike. I’ll definitely go back and try out more of the Lake Atitlan Travel Guide hikes.

Visited June 2016

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Lake Atitlan Travel Reviews

“One with the locals. Superb!”

Rode an open public transport under canopy of trees (surreal), dined with a local family (best mole ever), sampled many local cuisines and sweets (best ice pop and fries ever), participated in a tortilla making class, learned alternative herbal remedies with a medicine woman, visited hand weavers that use plant-based dye, met pottery artisans, explored local markets, churches, and remote villages (Concepcion is stunning) and (the highlight) spent time with an 86 year old stone artist whose energy is real and palpable. Thank you Jim and Kara for a fantastic three-day tour!

Visited June 2016
“One with the locals. Superb!”Ken Corde
“Fantastic Medicine Tour Experience”

The medicinal tour in Lake Atitlan was a great learning and cultural experience. Our medical group met up with our guides in Panajachel and first went by boat to San Marcos where we met a local doctor who grows all of his products in a garden at his clinic.We sampled tea and learned about the healing properties of the different plants. Next we sailed to San Pedro and met with a Mayan healer. It was very interesting learning not just about plants, but about Mayan beliefs, history, and culture surrounding health. Our boat captain Poncho was wonderful, and our guides Kara and Jim were very knowledgeable. I highly recommend this tour of this breathtakingly beautiful area to anyone who is interested in health or culture.

“Fantastic Medicine Tour Experience”Jamies Weise
“Revisiting a place we love with our 11 year-old daughter.”

Travel uplifts every aspect of our existence because our awareness’s let us leave our everyday live’s on hold and move us towards being ever present in the moments of our new now.We welcome to our senses the excitement of all that we see, taste,hear, smell, feel and the indigenous people we interact with.So imagine enriching those experiences, enter Kara and Jim whom’s touring business did more than that for us.We logged many walking miles per day visiting wonderful people and spots of interest everyday. This time was magical for our daughter a real trooper being eager to learn and absorb from their knowledge and expertise.The meals together, their friends and contacts made the week fly by too quickly but we there in the moment enjoying it all very much thanks to them. WJD.

“Revisiting a place we love with our 11 year-old daughter.”Bill D.
“Hospitable and helpful!”

I met James and Kara while staying in Lake Atitlan for six weeks and was lucky enough to have them show me around the area on a great half-day hike around Santa Catarina. They were knowledgeable, kind, friendly and knew a lot about the local culture and customs. They went above and beyond to make our time in Guatemala worthwhile. They were eager to connect us with the right people and were full of local insight. Also, the guides are great – friendly, knowledgeable and easy to spend time with! Those interested in botany and/or alternative medicine should definitely consider their herbal medicine tours.

Visited October 2015
“Hospitable and helpful!”MD New York
Sophia Lazarus

Jim and Kara are the best tour guides ever! I usually hate taking a tour because it ends up being boring and stale. But their tours take you to places other tours won’t go and it makes it way more interesting.

For example, they took me on a hike from Godinez to Santa Catarina, where you get the most excellent views of the lake, like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

They also took me on a street food trip. I was afraid of street food, thinking I would get sick, but it was so delicious and I never had a problem.

Their trips provide you with a totally different perspective of the lake. You get to see how the people there really live and you also get the benefit of Jim’s “amazing” jokes.

Sophia Lazarus Amazing Fun and Jokes
Bo B.

Don’t Miss This Adventure.

We had an awesome time on our 3-day adventure.

Lake Atitlan Tours planned out an incredible packed three days of fun that took us hiking through dense forests, terraced agriculture mountainsides, and explorations through remote indigenous villages.

Our tour guide, Jim, was great, and so knowledgeable!

He made everything fun and knew just where to go and what to do to add to our adventure.

Bo B.Don’t Miss This Adventure