Santa Catarina Galeria Atitlan Tipica is in the village of Santa Catarina Palopó is a 5 kilometre walk from the main city of Panajachel, here you will find a gem of a little shop called Galeria Atitlan Tipica.  While the shop is filled with traditional handmade weaving from the village, the artwork is what captured my attention while visiting this shop.

Santa Catarina Galeria Atitlan Tipica

Santa Catarina Galeria Atitlan Tipica

Santa Catarina Galeria Atitlan Tipica is a small shop that is located on the main road as you enter Santa Catarina Palopó.  The style of painting here is different than what you find around Lake Atitlan.  In contrast to the bright vibrant colors that you find in many of the paintings for sale around the lake, painter Fracisco Sabin uses muted colors in his naturalistic scenes.  These softer paint tones seem to give a more spiritual quality to the trees, lake, mountains, and people who are going about their daily activities depicted in the paintings.

The Painter – Fracisco Sabin

Santa Catarina Galeria Atitlan Tipica

Galeria Atitlan Tipica

Very simply, Fracisco paints what he loves and he loves to paint.  His paintings are a visual journal of life in the indigenous villages that populate Guatemala, specifically around the Lake Atitlan area.  Landscapes and common ordinary scenes depicting everyday indigenous life are his never ending inspiration and spur his creativity.

Santa Catarina Galeria Atitlan Tipica

I know for me, just looking at his pieces of art leaves me with an emotional connection to an area of the world that I have come to love and call home.  For my friend, she states that Fracisco’s paintings leave her craving for more knowledge about the people and culture.

Fracisco’s art captures the essence of his subjects and conveys a deep reflection or introspection of life.  It comes from the soul, and he has true integrity in his art.

For me there’s nothing like beginning your day with one way of looking at the world, then experiencing someone else’s art and viewing the world through a new lens.

 Santa Catarina Galeria Atitlan Tipica – Margarita Lopez Cumez

Telephone: (502) 7762-0745