Santa Catarina Palopo Quetzal Cooperativa is a unique coopertiva situated in the small indigenous village of Santa Catarina Palopo which is located along the shores of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.  The cooperative owes its inception to a French boy by the name of Simon Vincent.

Santa Catarina Palopo Quetzal Cooperativa

As a 10 year old boy he visited Guatemala with his family and witnessed firsthand the contrast between the wealth and poverty.  This moment in his life, while upsetting, became defining for him and thus upon his return to France, he knew he wanted to contribute to the education of children in Guatemala.

Santa Catarina Palopo Quetzal Cooperativa

Quetzal Cooperativa Santa Catarina Palopo

In 1997, The Quetzal Club was created by a group of college kids from Mont-de-Marsan on the initiative of Vincent Simon (founding president), an NGO working for the rights of the indigenous.  The Quetzal Club promotes education, nutrition and fair trade.

In 2003, Vincent met with Rigoberta Menchú Tum, an indigenous woman from the country of Guatemala who is a 1992 Nobel Peace Prize winner and was awarded the Prince of Asturias Award in 1998.

An alliance was formed after this meeting and The Club Quetzal became The Club Quetzal “Friends of Rigoberta Menchú.” This close collaboration is the affirmation of the Quetzal position for the recognition and respect of the dignity of the indigenous culture.

The Quetzal Cooperativa

Santa Catarina Palopo Quetzal Cooperativa

Quetzal Cooperativa Santa Catarina Palopo

With money generated from the Quetzal Cooperativa along with the support of sponsors proceeds go towards scholarships so that the most disadvantaged children may continue their education in the villages of San Catarina Palopo, San Lucas Toliman and Santa Teresa.

Simon Vincent Quote: “You see a problem, you seek a solution!”

Because of the generosity and unconditional support of the Club Quetzal, Sara Curruchich continues her journey as an ambassador of the new Mayan generation.

Quetzal Cooperativa in Santa Catarina Palopo – Rosa Cumez Pablo

Telephone: (502) 4368-0044
Address: It is next to the primary school on the street from the dock in town

Contact Club Quetzal – Friends of Rigoberta Menchú

Telephone: (502) 5845-0605
Address: 38 avenue du docteur Labrit Mont-de-Marsan