Lake Atitlan is a lake in the Guatemalan Highlands of the Sierra Madre de Chiapas, in the Sololá Department of northern Guatemala.

Lake Atitlan Tours Hiking

Santa Catarina Lake Atitlan Hike, discover the explorer the Upper Rim which surrounds Lake Atitlan. We hit the trail and hike the diverse landscapes, learn about the Mayan culture, and visit the colorful village of Santa Catarina Palopó located in the highlands of Guatemala.

Lake Atitlan Tours Volcano

Lake Atitlan Volcano Tour San Pedro, Do you love adventure? How about taking the path less traveled? Are you ready to experience what it feels like to stand at the top of a volcano? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions it’s time to pack your bags because Guatemala is calling your name.

Lake Atitlan Tours Indian Nose

Lake Atitlan Indian Nose Tour, located on the northwest shores of Lake Atitlan beside San Juan La Laguna is the famous mountain formation that is called Indian Nose for its resemblance to a Mayan Indian. It is here, from the summit where you can view the most spectacular sunrises around the lake, and in our not so humble opinion, the world.

Lake Atitlan Tours | Cultural

Lake Atitlan Market Tours

Join us for an experience that will be a feast for your senses as we explore the vibrant, colorful, and bustling traditional indoor/outdoor Mayan markets of the villages along the shores of Lake Atitlan Guatemala.

Lake Atitlan Tours Village Boat Tour

Lake Atitlan Village Boat Tour, we have found some of the best moments in life are when we trade in our fast-paced, over-scheduled, and no time to think lives for an invitation to travel where we can forget the office, our to-do lists, and living our lives on auto-pilot and slip in to a rhythm that allows for refreshment of body and soul by exploration and new experiences.

Lake Atitlan Tours Santa Catarina Palopó and San Antonio Palopó

This tour includes visiting and meeting several women’s weaving cooperatives in Santa Catarina Palopó where you can watch the women weave colorful and vibrant textiles into table coverings, clothing, wall hangings, and accessories. Just a few mile hike from Santa Catarina Palopó perched along the shores of Lake Atitlan is San Antonio Palopó where we will be visiting ceramic and pottery factories. We will tour the factories and watch the process of hand-painting the ceramics.

Lake Atitlan Tours Santiago

Santiago Lake Atitlan Tour, adventure awaits you in Lake Atitlan Guatemala. “Grow Your Own Cure” invites you to discover Santiago Lake Atitlan Guatemalan located in the highlands of the Sierra Madre mountain range and discover more about traditional Mayan culture.

Lake Atitlan Tours Panajachel Walking Tour

Panajachel is located in the highlands of Guatemalan and provides breathtaking views of stunning and awe-inspiring mountains and volcanoes that adorn the most beautiful lake in the world. It also boasts a lively and colorful outdoor market, Mayan folklore and charm, and rich traditions—a trip to Lake Atitlan Guatemala is one big cultural experience.

Lake Atitlan Tours Panajachel Street Food Tour

It is truly like going to a dinner party with local Guatemaltecas, except this dinner party moves. From Pupusas, to Corn Tamales and Rellenitos de Plátano, to Elote and Chuchitos we take a walking tour to discover some of Panajachel Lake Atitlan Guatemala’s best street food. Many traditional foods in Guatemalan cuisine are based on Maya cuisine and prominently feature corn, chilies and beans as key ingredients.


Your Guatemala Tour Guide

Your Guatemala Tour Guide

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Licor Marrón Chocolate

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Lake Atitlan Spanish School Jabel Tinamit

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Lake Atitlan Indian Nose

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Lake Atitlan Cooking School

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Lake Atitlan Cooking Classes

Lake Atitlan Cooking Classes

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Hiking and Trekking Lake Atitlan

Hiking and Trekking Lake Atitlan Guatemala

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Lake Atitlan Sunrise Sunset Tour

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