Coffee Representative | Guatemala Coffee Producers, Ethical Fashion Guatemala what does a Fashion site have to do with Coffee?  Our Guatemala coffee is from small Artisan producers that have up until recently limited market access. EFG has changed that by providing internet access, social media and logistics needed to market and ship Guatemala Premium Coffee worldwide.

Guatemala Coffee Producers

Guatemala Bullet Coffee, Guatemala Coffee Producers

Coffee Sales Representative USA

How we changed the Coffee Business for Guatemala Growers and US Roasters.

  1. Single Origin coffee direct from growers.
  2. Cupping samples of Green and or Roasted beans for tasting.
  3. Marketing and promotional materials provided for Roasters.
  4. Orders received on Monday shipped and delivered to Roasters on Thursday.
  5. No customs brokers, EFG provides FDA Prior Notice certificates and Sanitary permits.
  6. Roasters no longer need to purchase large quantities in order to attain discounts.
  7. Cupping scores provided for each variety.
  8. Private label packing provided.
  9. EFG ships green and roasted beans in unit sizes from 2 kilos – 1000 kilo under our contract with DHL Global Services.
  10. Custom Roasted Coffee in our packaging or our clients.

The perfect candidate is an individual already in the coffee or foodservice industry. Who would like the opportunity to build their own business with our support?

This is a great opportunity to grow with a company and with our support build your own.

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Guatemala Coffee Producers

Guatemala Coffee Producers provide premium green coffee beans

Coffee Sales Representative

Guatemala Coffee Harvest has begun for the 2018 – 2019 season. The problem Coffee Growers in Guatemala face, buyers, brokers, and wholesalers offer $1.05 to $1.59 per pound for premium green coffee beans.

The average price for Guatemala Green Coffee beans ranges from $12.00 per 12-ounce package to – high $23.00 in US major markets.

Currently, 3 million pounds of Guatemala Coffee available. Guatemala Coffee Harvest will finish in late March depeending on the weather. We will hold Green Beans for export through 2020 to provide an ample supply of Beans to our clients.