Quetzaltenango AKA Xela Bucket List

I have visited Xela many times or as the correct name is Quetzaltenango, for business and on my way to see friends in Toto. Sadly Xela is overlooked for the culture and hiking offered or considered the center of Spanish Schools in Guatemala, Antigua will debate this statement.

Guatemala offers hiking, climbing active and nonactive Volcanoes, perhaps one of the most requested activities we receive on this site. This site is also to inform travelers about the culture and experiences a guest will enjoy in Guatemala.

Sadly I have never written or offered thoughts about what Quetzaltenango AKA Xela offers tourists, here goes a quick review.

Quetzaltenango AKA Xela Bucket List

Quetzaltenango AKA Xela Bucket List

Where is Quetzaltenango AKA Xela

Quetzaltenango is a city in Guatemala’s western highlands. It’s set against a backdrop of volcanoes, including towering Santa María with its active Santiaguito lava dome. Overlooking Central America Park, Espiritú Santo Cathedral has a baroque colonial facade and a 20th-century interior.

The city is known for its neoclassical buildings, including the House of Culture and the restored Municipal Theater.

If you want to climb an Active Volcano this is your chance

Santa María Volcano is a large active volcano in the western highlands of Guatemala, in the Quetzaltenango Department near the city of Quetzaltenango. The volcano was known as Gagxanul in the local K’iche’ language, before the 16th-century Spanish conquest of the region.

It takes about a half-day to hike to the top of the Santa María Volcano. This is a popular hike in the Quetzaltenango area and well worth the effort. The tour begins at the village of Llanos de Pinal. The trip to the top takes 4 to 5 hours and passes meadows and pine forests.

Santa María Volcano

Quetzaltenango AKA Xela Bucket List

Hot Springs Quetzaltenango

A 30-minute drive out of Xela is Hot Springs. Visit the beautiful natural hot springs at Fuentes Georginas! You can arrange for a shuttle will pick you up anywhere in Zone 1 in Xela and bring you directly to the springs. Spend a few hours to relax and enjoy the volcanic thermal pools, and then the shuttle will bring you back to Xela. Or you can stay overnight.

Fuentes Georginas!

Quetzaltenango AKA Xela Bucket List

Casa Seibel

@casaseibelHotel & Lodging
While I am not a big fan of Travel and review websites I did find this little Gem of a hostel in Xela, yes with many positive reviews, kept digging and I feel most travelers would find this hostel up there at the top.
Casa Seibel

Quetzaltenango AKA Xela Bucket List

The BEST hostel in Xela!! Definitely go there! Homey feeling, incredibly helpful staff, REALLY clean. Fully equipped kitchen! Lovely communal places to hang out and talk to the other guests. The beds are amazingly comfortable. The friendly staff provides you with all the information you need about tours and things to do in Xela. The vibe in the charming authentic house is nice and relaxed. I stayed longer than I planned because I liked it there so much ;-)

Speakeasy – Habla fácil

Food and places to eat in Xela, on a budget, or if you want something different, this is the place. Free Wifi, great local coffee, and if you need to ship something or need an attorney, this cute cafe is the source of many services and yes Tours.
Quetzaltenango AKA Xela Bucket List

Speakeasy – Habla fácil @SpeakeasyXela · Cafe

New flavors of burritos chorizo and longaniza, have you tried them yet? Well, we’re waiting for you at speakeasy at any time of day, the best and healthiest for someone hungry Spinach, avocado, cheese, sweet chili, jalapeño chili, olives, pickle, tomatoes, onions, bacon and longaniza, and Italian sauce.

Other businesses in Xela I may have offended with this post, please make suggestions and offer travels real experiences, not businesses trying to be found on-line.