Central America’s Leading Travel Company Supports Guatemala Artisans

Supports Guatemala Artisans

Investing in Guatemalan Artisans products preserves the unique Mayan cultural traditions which are at risk of being replaced by lower quality, machine-made products, copies, and knock offs.

We guaranteed through this website you are dealing directly with the Artisan that has produced the unique products offered. Support Ethical Fashion Guatemala.

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Guatemala Organic Textiles

Guatemala Travel Services & Tours Hiking & Climbing

Lake Atitlan Walking Tour

Discover the explorer the Upper Rim which surrounds Lake Atitlan. We hit the trail and hike the diverse landscapes, learn about the Mayan culture, and visit the colorful village of Santa Catarina Palopó located in the highlands of Guatemala.

Guatemala Hiking Trail Locations

Sumpango Guatemala Giant Kite Festival Tour, also known as “Giant Kite Festival” is a cultural event that takes place on 1 November each year.  One that day, people from the town gathers at the soccer field next to the town’s cemetery to join a giant kite contest.

Lake Atitlan Tours San Pedro Volcano

We have blazed a trail for the ultimate Lake Atitlan Volcano Adventure. Leave the stress, demands, and pressures of civilization behind and immerse yourself in the magnificent beauty of lush tropical forests as you walk and climb along paths to ascend to the summit.

Lake Atitlan Sunrise Tours are the best moments in life where all our senses are hyper-aware of just how wonderful life can be, these are the moments that stay with us forever— a moment where nothing else matters but what you are experiencing in the here and now.

Guatemala Travel Services & Tours Cultural Workshops

Leather Store San Juan La Laguna Lake Atitlan

Our Leather Crafting Workshop provides a fun, immersion experience to the world of leather-crafting where you have the opportunity to learn the essential skills of leather-crafting from Guatemala Artisans — skills like cutting leather, gouging, folding, hand sewing, gluing, riveting, snaps, adding hardware, and creating simple designs.

Rainy Season Fun Guatemala

Explore the Guatemala Artisans weaving traditions found in San Juan La Laguna located along the shoreline of Lake Atitlan.  This is one-of-a-kind, hands-on experience weaving workshop, under the guidance of master weavers as you learn how to make and spin the thread, dye it, and then weave the thread using traditional, handmade looms.

Central America's Leading Travel Company Supports Guatemala Artisans

This is an amazing opportunity to learn from Guatemala Artisans of San Juan La Laguna. You will learn about Painting landscapes, indigenous life, still life painting and experiment with colors and hues. These talents will be explained by one of the most Famous Artists from Lake Atitlan Guatemala. There is no experience required and all painting supplies are provided for you.

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Cooking Classes

Your unique culinary experience begins with an exploration of the bustling indigenous indoor/outdoor market to purchase locally produced meats and produce and discover the incredible diversity of ingredients in Guatemalan cuisine. As soon as you step into the market you will be tantalized by the sights and smells. Our Lake Atitlan San Pedro Cooking School provides the opportunity to cook in the family Kitchen of a Mayan Family.

Guatemala Travel Services & Tours Village Tours

Lake Atitlan Village Boat Tour

The Lake Atitlan Village Boat Tour takes you on a journey around the lake exploring and visiting the quiet and peaceful villages in the heart of Mayan culture that will surely bring back that wide-eyed luster and unbridled excitement of exploring the world.

Lake Atitlan | Guatemala | Market Tour

Guatemala Artisans Markets in Guatemala are not only captivating mazes that provide an authentic experience you also get a real taste of the local culture. This tour will immerse you in the local culture as well as give you a sampling of the local cuisine in the vibrant open-air Mayan markets of Lake Atitlan.

Empowering Female Artisans

Discover the way of life of the local people who live in the villages of Santa Catarina Palopó and San Antonio Palopó. This Lake Atitlan Tour includes visiting and meeting several Guatemala Artisans women’s weaving cooperatives in Santa Catarina Palopó and ceramic and pottery factories in San Antonio Palopó.


Panajachel is located in the highlands of Guatemalan and provides breathtaking views of stunning and awe-inspiring mountains and volcanoes that adorn the most beautiful lake in the world. It also boasts a lively and colorful outdoor market, Mayan folklore and charm, and rich traditions.

Lake Atitlan Santiago Day Tour

Lake Atitlan Tours Santiago Atitlan

Few places in the world offer visitors the serene feeling of wonder and amazement mixed with cultural connection and history than Santiago Lake Atitlan does.
Lake Atitlan Tours offer an adventure which awaits you in Lake Atitlan Guatemala. “Lake Atitlan Tours” invites you to discover Santiago Guatemala Artisans on the shores of Lake Atitlan Guatemalan located in the highlands of the Sierra Madre mountain range and discover more about traditional Mayan culture.

Panajachel Street Food By Night

Lake Atitlan Street Food Tour

It is truly like going to a dinner party with local Guatemaltecas, except this dinner party moves. From Pupusas, to Corn Tamales and Rellenitos de Plátano, to Elote and Chuchitos we take a walking tour to discover some of Panajachel Lake Atitlan Guatemala’s best street food.

Many traditional foods in Guatemalan cuisine are based on Maya cuisine and prominently feature corn, chilies and beans as key ingredients.

Guatemala Medical Tourism

San Pedro La Laguna Herbal Medicine Tour

We will begin our exploration with a visit to a medicinal garden where we will meet with a local indigenous healer who uses the leaves, seeds, stems, bark and roots of herbs to treat illness and disease.   Walking in the aromatic medicinal garden you will be greeted by the fragrance of the herbs.  The garden is flourishing with some common herbs such as lemon grass and chamomile as well as many rare and little-known medicinal plants.

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Medicinal 3-Day Tour

We will then travel to the adjoining village of San Pedro La Laguna where we will visit a medicinal garden that is run by a local women’s cooperative.  You will have an opportunity to tour the gardens, learn about the herbs and their uses, as well learn about their belief in caring for the land with love, and without harming it by using pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.