Our first rains arrived

Our first rains arrived this week—different late-night rainfall with spectacular lightning displays. Many people planning excursions to Guatemala in the coming months are anxious that rain may ruin their vacation. Not true.

For whatever reason, most weather forecasts in Guatemala predict rain for most of the day. The mountains surrounding Lake Atitlan change color from one shade of green to another when it rains. More of the ground cover is gold during our dry season, and forest fires do occur.
Our first rains arrived
For the coffee growers and those growing our fresh produce in the hills above most villages, rain is essential. For this reason, visitors to Guatemala rarely see verdant fields of produce. Ask your guide they will take you to these amazing farms, they are a hike.
The one above Santa Catarina Palopo is 700 steps up and then a few hundred yards to the fields. This village is fortunate to have a spring above the gardens. You will not see chemicals used, everything is done by hand, from planting to harvesting.
Since many of our members are Americans, some friends have enquired about sending produce from Guatemala to the US. For eight years, we have been shipping cacao and coffee. Great produce: is there a market for it? Right now, we are trying to support some friends of ours in Texas with Guatemalan vegetables. They are dubious about something regarding their produce. Most fruits and vegetables have a coating applied to them to increase their shelf life.
I have constantly noticed guests after they try our fruits and produce that tastes amazing. A banana to an onion.