Lake Atitlan Boat Captains I would say have one of the worst jobs one can ever have. I am sure those around Lake Atitlan have different and varying experiences and stories about Lake Atitlan Boat Captains?

Many Facebook Followers will have comments about your experiences!!! Many will be complaints or frustration for sure. Please keep them appropriate!

Lake Atitlan Boat Captains

Lake Atitlan Boat Captains

Let me offer my advice, experiences and opinions first perhaps not in that order of our experiences with Lake Atitlan Boat Captains

Would I want the job? Never in a million years. First the Captains have to deal with Tourists who for the most part have no idea where they are going, how much to pay and the Boat Schedules???

With Tourists comes the need for Boat Services from the Hotel owners and the Tour Companies.

Tourists have to get to and from Panajachel by shuttle services. One of which is to leave Pana on the early shuttle. At that time no boat services are provided. Hello travelers, when you make your hotel reservation at one of Lake Atitlan’s Hotels, ask about private boat services. Or ask us.

Where are all the docks Tourists ask? Panajachel has two docks. One that services San Pedro and the villages on that side of the Lake. The second dock only Services Santiago Atitlan and limited services to San Lucas Toliman.

San Pedro has two docks. The main dock that services from Panajachel and the Villages. On the Santiago Atitlan side of San Pedro is the dock that provides boat services to Santiago Atitlan.

San Lucas Toliman offers a very limited boat service to Panajachel.

My experiences with Lake Atitlan Boat Captains has been like most Tourists, some boat captains and from some docks like Santiago, prices are different then the set prices. Once I had a new boat captain tell me one price and then we get to the other side of the lake and the price was a lot more.

Overall I am happy we have regular safe boat services and most captains are very experienced and knowledgeable Lake Atitlan.

Opinions, like I said this is a hard job. Waves, docks breaking, tourists confused, people complaining, Motor breaks, carry fuel half a kilometer, long hours. Yes I would get pissed sometimes dealing with people.

We have few if any boat accidents on this lake. The Lake Atitlan Boat Captains know the Lake and while the schedule may be confusing for Tourists and yes most boats have life jackets. The safety record considering everything for Lake Atitlan is impressive. The captains move a lot of people safely every single day.

Advice. A little respect goes a long way, on both sides yes the captains and the Tourists and others. Over the years I have become friends with a number of boat captains. They have families, just like us. Trying to make a living to pay off a $36,000 boat loan.