Rainy Season Fun Guatemala, Guatemala Rainy Season is not as bad as the weather app on your phone tells you, no it is not raining all day!

For the most part during Guatemala’s Rainy Season we experience mostly late afternoon rain that lasts into the evening. Most mornings are clear and warm in the mid to upper 70s.

If it should happen to rain on your vacation during the day here are a few great options you can take in.

If you Love Chocolate we also have a treat for you, learning how to make Mayan Ceremonial Cacao.

Rainy Season Fun Guatemala

See You In Guatemala For Some Chocolate

Lake Atitlan Cooking Classes

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Cooking Classes.

Your unique culinary experience begins with an exploration of the bustling indigenous indoor/outdoor market to purchase locally produced meats and produce and discover the incredible diversity of ingredients in Guatemalan cuisine. As soon as you step into the market you will be tantalized by the sights and smells.

Then off to the home of Chef Theresa where you will learn to prepare some of the most representative and delicious Guatemalan/Mayan main courses.

When finished, each dish is served fresh right away.

What makes our cooking classes so special and unique is the small class size, the fresh ingredients, and cooking in an authentic indigenous kitchen.

We believe that a cooking class is an interesting and fun way to learn about Guatemalan culture.

Please let us know beforehand if you have any special diets or allergies so we can modify the cooking class to your taste.  We always cook with fresh ingredients from the local market.

Rainy Season Fun Guatemala

 Lake Atitlan Guatemala Weaving Workshop

Lake Atitlan Textiles Workshop takes place in our instructor’s home.  This is a wonderful opportunity to not only learn to weave, but also to spend time with a Tz’utujil Maya family, experiencing indigenous life in a small village.

As a participant you will gain a deeper understanding of the cultural significance of one of the oldest forms of artistic expression by working and learning directly from the Tz’utujil women of San Juan.

You will learn how they grow their own cotton, harvest it by hand, spin it using ancient techniques, and then use natural dyes and colorants derived from locally found plants, tree, bark, berries, leaves, roots, wood, and insects in the Lake Atitlan area.

A few of the plants that are used are coconut shell, pericón, pepper, purple basil, hibiscus flowers, and achiote, among many others.

Lake Atitlan Herbal Medicine 3 Day Tour

Lake Atitlan Herbal Medicine 1 Day Workshop

We will begin our exploration with a visit to a medicinal garden where we will meet with a local indigenous healer who uses the leaves, seeds, stems, bark, and roots of herbs to treat illness and disease.

Walking in the aromatic medicinal garden you will be greeted by the fragrance of the herbs.

The garden is flourishing with some common herbs such as lemongrass and chamomile as well as many rare and little-known medicinal plants.

We will then travel to the adjoining village of San Juan La Laguna where we will visit a medicinal garden that is run by a local women’s cooperative.

You will have an opportunity to tour the gardens, learn about the herbs and their uses, as well learn about their belief in caring for the land with love, and without harming it by using pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Leather Store San Juan La Laguna Lake Atitlan

La Cueva Leather Workshop

La Cueva Leather Workshop

For the past 15 years, Nicolas has been custom designing, from the highest quality leather, a wide variety of handbags, tote bags, shoes, belts, backpacks, wallets, knife holders, and many other items.  La Cueva Leather has a reputation for quality, value, and attention to detail.  Just ask any of his customers from around the world.

La Cueva Leather in San Juan La Laguna Lake Atitlan invites you to stop by and take a tour of their workshop and watch their products being made.  We took him up on that offer and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

As he showed us around his workshop, the pure pleasure that he derives from working with leather and creating one-of-a-kind hand-crafted leather products was quite evident.

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Rainy Season Fun Guatemala

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