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We collected a small list of reviews about Seventh Generation Moving and Storage, read them before you use this company.

I know this is a travel site, and one of our quests remained in contact and started telling us about their experience with Seventh Generation Moving and Storage, so we took a look. BAD.

We looked around online—Facebook, Yelp, BBB, and DOT—all the same. How the Seventh Generation remains in business is through state laws they navigate around and intimidation.


Seventh Generation Moving and Storage stole this couple’s wedding dress.

Seventh Generation Moving & Storage

Teresa Acevedo 

This company is Not Reliable!! They are unprofessional and have no quality check systems in place! They lost 13 of my boxes and stopped communicating with me! They literally blocked my number! I lost so many valuables that money cannot buy! And no apology!!!
Please do not use them!

Eric Stone

Stole roughly 3.5k worth of my stuff and said the same shit Do not trust these people they went through all of my belongings.

Erik Boice

First, I need to say that I booked through a broker, and they share a bit of blame for the bad estimate.
HOWEVER, 7th Generation obviously did not communicate with the broker that hired them because when they arrived, they told me that the actual move cost would be $10,000 more than my quote. It was moving day, and I had no other choice but to borrow the money and pay. The movers tried to compact things as well as they could which resulted in me ONLY paying $6,000 more than my quote.

Susie C.

Los Angeles, CA
STAY AWAY from this company at all costs!
They have stolen several pieces of my property from the move — the most expensive being my wedding gown, which is a family heirloom. My husband and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary on 10/7 and this is what we’re dealing with now. Among many other issues, we noticed several expensive pieces of our property missing on 10/12, the day this horrific company partially delivered our belongings.

Currently looking into our consumer rights, filing complaints with BBB and the state of California where they’re based, contacting the attorney general, etc — I want my property back from these thieves.

Nicole B.

Los Angeles, CA
This place is a complete scam — AVOID! My stuff was held hostage, with avoidance tactics, and unprofessionalism across the board.
I was quoted $3,424.30 for my move from Santa Monica, CA to Bend, OR based on a quote for a 3-bedroom condo (I actually moved from a 2-bedroom but wanted a quote for 3 bedrooms to accommodate inventory in my garage), but after my belongings were loaded onto the truck was later charged $9,165.60 (167% higher than the initial quote).
I tried
reaching out to the moving company over a dozen times to try to reconcile the difference but was ignored for weeks, until I was told that I would be on the hook for even more money if I didn’t agree to have my belongings delivered the next day. The premise of their position was that the quote was based on square feet of space taken in the truck vs. the actual.

Gretchen K.

Los Angeles, CA

But then the first box they brought in – I knew immediately it wasn’t mine. Several boxes were not mine, and several boxes of mine are still missing. Containing items like books written by friends with personal dedications and other items that simply cannot be replaced. I’ve moved across the country twice and moved within the city several times over 25 years with nothing broken until now. They also broke my grandfather’s antique desk glass top. Something he had custom-made decades ago, and has been through dozens of moves with no issues until 7th Gen.

Their insurance denied most of my claim saying there’s no proof of the missing boxes, even though the mover that day went through the manifest with me and noted the missing boxes on the paperwork. It wasn’t even worth following through with the insurance claim for the $30 they offered.

H H.

San Diego, CA
Horrible. I was “re-quoted” & charged more than double when the movers showed up to pick up my things even though I listed everything in the original quote and he was rude and aggressive but what can you do when you need to move and don’t have a choice?!

I moved from California to Utah & was told it would be “maybe a week” to get my stuff – nope. I followed up every day for over 8 days in a row with zero response as to when I could expect my belongings and it wasn’t until I reached out the final time and let them know I was ready to file a legal claim that they suddenly drove overnight a couple weeks later to bring my items (I put trackers in my items so I could see every move – def recommend adding air tags in your property).

Regina C.

Borrego Springs, CA
Do Not use Seventh Generation Movers. They will most likely give you an estimate that is half the price of other companies, but it is a complete lie. I reached out to Sam in sales about 10 times to make sure what we had fit the estimate, she assured me each time that I had nothing to worry about. She even hung up on me while I was in the middle of asking her questions. When the day of our move came the movers showed up and said it would cost us double what they quoted. We were livid. We called their manager Brian (who should be fired for how he spoke to me) and he just threatened that they would just leave and not complete our move if we didn’t pay double on the spot. Worst customer service I’ve ever received. THIS COMPANY IS A COMPLETE SCAM- BEWARE!

Affan M.

Irvine, CA
A classic company using tactics to charge customers extra money on move day. There’s a reason everyone is giving them a 1-star review. This is a terrible unprofessional moving company. I have used multiple moving companies for international, interstate, and local moves and Seventh Generation is by far the worst.
They doubled my cubic footage from 400 cu. Ft. To 800 and we’re charging me $3,700 when they came to pick up my items (on top of what I had already paid for the move). My box and furniture count were the exact same as what I had quoted prior to the move so there was no way it could have doubled for an apartment.
Photo of James M.

James M.

El Cajon, CA
Horrible service. Having made no less than 9 cross country and international moves, this was by far the worst of all. Very poor communication. Damage came from items this company packed, moved and unpacked where everything we packed was fine. Very poor and rude communication throughout the process. When paying per contract, the company refused to issue a receipt of any kind. At the delivery, there was no oversight by the company or driver comparing what was delivered vs. the BOL, none.

Bill H.

Chandler, AZ
This company should not be in business to care for people’s treasured belongings!!! Poor attention to care, our belongings were damaged in packing onto a truck. Delivered with damaged Grandfather clock, damaged large entertainment center. They broke 2 legs off our entertainment center and then pushed it across our new homes wood flooring causing scratches and over $800 on damages to the floor. $350 damage to our old fashion popcorn maker that had never been used. Grandfather clock repairs of $350. Multiple crushed boxes, brand new plastic bins with damage to our belongings inside.

Michelle H.

Raymond, WA
This company is horrible!! Showed up late to my apartment had my friend waiting no phone call had to call them. Items and boxes dumped. Furniture damaged. Furniture not put back together. Charged extra money for stairs when it was already in the contract never left a receipt. Unprofessional and thieves. Not even an apology or refund. Just may have to start a lawsuit.

Wendy M.

Torrance, CA
Do not use this company. I feel like they took advantage of my elderly parents and our move out of California. Quoted us 6k then arrived and told my parents it would be 3k more. My parents are 80 years old and had 30 years worth of stuff packed and ready to do and were told pay 3k more or they would leave. Moving is stressful enough and you do not need movers adding additional stressors.
Photo of John I.

John I.

Apache Junction, AZ
Consumer beware on this one! Overcharged, lost or broke our some possessions, then handed the load off to the delivery people. They didn’t conduct a timely delivery and only sent two people. The entire process began with Eagle a broker in Florida. The delivery business was Zayn Trucking, LLC from Woodland Park, in the cesspool known as New Jersey! One star is to high a rating; this 3 ring outfit deserves a MINUS TEN STARS!

Andrew F.

Fort Bliss, TX
Absolutely terrible service. Gave us three separate timelines for when our household goods would be delivered and failed on each. When my wife called asking for an update the employee Erik didn’t know where exactly the load was. My wife said this is unacceptable since the move was only a nine hour move. Erik proceeded to raise his voice at my wife. There is no excuse Erik can come up with for why this is taking so long for the company should’ve planned the deliveries better. He said he would give us an update, but I don’t expect it at this point. Rude and incompetent staff. If you hire this company expect to pay 2-3k over the initial estimate.

R M.

Burlingame, CA
The Consumer Review Fairness Act (CRFA) makes it illegal for companies to include standardized provisions that threaten or penalize people for posting honest reviews.
The company, Seventh Generation Moving, in violation of the CRFA, attempted to intimidate me to sign a typed form saying no negative review to be posted on social platforms — in order to fully unload the truck and demanded full payment before completion.. The move was the most horrible experience ever, especially for a senior citizen.

Josh H.

Yorba Linda, CA
I wish i could give Negative Stars. DO NOT, and I mean DO NOT USE this company. They are theifs and Liars. They will give you a quote in the beginning and sounds amazing and everything. Than what happens is they end up using a 3rd party to move your stuff. I’ll get to that in a second. But Eagle Moving Group Lied to me about everything. Our quote was around the $5000 mark, so for moving to another state that sounded great. Well when the guys came to load all our stuff on the day, we find out its a company called 7th Generation that would be moving our stuff across country. Well all of a sudden after they loaded all our things into the truck he tells us this is going to be another $7000 to move all our stuff. At this point we had not other option.

Annette S.

Pico Rivera, CA
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. This company is absolutely horrible!!! Do not use them for your moving needs. They are over priced in comparison to other companies and their customer service sucks!! This company is the epitome of unprofessionalism. They don’t return phone calls or text messages after numerous attempts and they don’t deliver within a timely manner. I’ve been waiting for over 3 weeks for my furniture to be delivered to me with nobody returning my repeated phone calls and messages! What kind of professional moving company does this?

Laura M.

Los Angeles, CA
This company rummaged through the entirety of my belongings and stole what they pleased. No box or bag was left intact, and many boxes had garbage left inlace of my actually stuff. Only about 10% of my belongings were actually delivered, and of the items that made it, they were all damaged in the range of scratched to completely smashed and unusable. Other people’s boxes were mixed in with mine, so they did a completely sloppy job at labeling and securely handling the cargo, on top of searching everything for theft
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