Guatemala Solo Women Travelers

If you ignore Travel Review sites that appear to want attention about reporting fake news, for traffic, Embassy Websites Travel warnings. Social Media posts of a woman losing her cell phone in a bar late at night.

Guatemala Solo Women Travelers Safety, I have enjoyed the experience of providing Tours for Solo Women Travelers this will be my 15th year in Guatemala.

I have the following guidelines for Solo Women Traveling to Guatemala for the first time as a guide to ensure your experience in Guatemala leaves you with a positive feeling for the people and the culture.

Guatemala Solo Women Travelers

My top suggestions for Solo Women Travelers are to arrive safely and to enjoy all Guatemala and the Mayan Culture offers.

Most travelers arrive by Air at Guatemala International Airport and then will need transportation shuttle service to either Antigua, Lake Atitlan, or other Guatemala Tourist deist nations like Xela for Spanish School.

I recommend choosing a know shuttle service, check out their website and social media. I recommend You can choose between a private Shuttle or a Collective meaning you share the shuttle.

Do Not Rent a Car, you will find driving, parking, and dealing with traffic not worth what you think you will save on paying for Shuttles.

Choosing a Hotel in either Antigua or Lake Atitlan. For Antigua, this group owns several hotels with varying price ranges and options. For Hostels check out Hostel World for the best reviews. For Airbnb, choose wisely, check all references, and do not be fooled by the pictures, ask a lot of questions.

Guatemala Solo Women Travelers Safety

Lake Atitlan Hotels are a little more difficult to suggest, this depends on where on the lake you plan to stay, and also take into consideration the main mode of transportation around the 56 kilometers of the lake is public boat services.

The city of Panajachel is the main entrance to Lake Atitlan, on the opposite side of the Lake are San Pedro and San Juan reached by boat.

Depending on your plans to explore the Lake, chose wisely or you might find yourself in a village only serviced by boat.

Note boats stop operating after 5:30 and begin at 7:00 am.

If you are interested in Sunrise hikes, spend a day in Mayan Villages with Weavers, Artisans of all kinds, and Coffee. San Pedro, San Juan, and Santiago are the most visited villages.

Santa Catarina and San Antonio on the Panajachel side of the lake offer Mayan Cultural experiences.

Guatemala Solo Women Travelers

Hiring a Guide or Tour Company Hundreds to choose from.

Hiring a Guide or Tour Company, you may be a seasoned Solo Traveler and you might feel you can manage or your own, save some money and enjoy Guatemala, in part this is true, however to see the real Guatemala you will need some help.

Shopping at local Markets I advise, the food is safe and you will pay half the prices of food from a small Grocery or Tienda.

Local Markets are found in all Villages and Cities throughout Guatemala, even Vegan or those with Gluten Intolerance.

DO NOT DRINK the water even out of a TAP at your Hotel, Hostel or Airbnb.

Bottled Water is cheap and can be found everywhere. If you happen to eat something that upsets your stomach, go to a local Pharmacist they are accustomed to travelers with tummy issues and they will provide the right medicine, in most cases you will be fine in a day, if not local Doctors are cheap and excellent.

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