Lake Atitlan Village Tour

Lake Atitlan Village Tour yes you will have Sunsets and depending on the time of the year the color of each sunset changes.

Lake Atitlan Boat Tour

Lake Atitlan Village Tour

A Lake Atitlan Village Tour can take you to any one of the 11 villages surrounding Lake Atitlan only by boat, San Juan, San Pedro, Santiago Atitlan, and San Luca Toliman are the most interesting villages on the side of Lake Atitlan that San Pedro Volcano is on.

On the Panajachel side of the Lake, we enjoy hiking through Mayan trails above Santa Catarina or visiting San Antonio Palopo for the Art and great Food.

This Tour is an invitation to travel where we can forget the office, our to-do lists, and living our lives on auto-pilot, and slip into a rhythm that allows for the refreshment of body and soul by exploration and new experiences.

Lake Atitlan Village Tour
Lake Atitlan Boat Tour

TRIP DURATION: roughly 7-8 hours

TRIP LOCATION: Around Lake Atitlan


TRIP DETAILS: $125 (Q965) – 1 person (private tour)

$100 (Q770) per person – 2 or more people.

All tours are private we do not mix groups. For Group Tours please send us an email for pricing.

WHAT TO BRING: Bring a camera, water, snacks, sun protection (hat, shades, sunscreen), good walking shoes or sneakers are recommended (no flip-flops), and be prepared to have an incredible adventure!

San Pedro is located at the foot of San Pedro Volcano which provides a beautiful back drop for the village.  For the adventurous San Pedro Volcano provides a wonderful opportunity to hike and see one of the most spectacular sunrises that the lake has to offer.

Activities for tourists include hikes to the top of the San Pedro volcano or the Mayan Nose, studying Spanish, partying in the restaurant sector down by the lake shore, volunteering, and learning local crafts.

For more information on Volcano tours visit Grow Your Own Cure Tours.

Lake Atitlan Village Tour

Santiago Atitlán is a city in Guatemala on Lake Atitlán near Panajachel. Famous as the largest indigenous population of Tzutujile Mayans.

Recommended destinations are the Catholic church, which structure dates back to as far as 1571, and contains three plaques giving an overview of its history.

The market street, running from the docks to the church, offers beautiful woven stuff, volcanic jade carvings and dubiously ancient Tz’utujil pieces allegedly unearthed from the grounds around.

The neighborhood house where the syncretized deity Maximón resides for the current year is also a must.

Lanchas are boats that provide water taxi service between the various villages that dot the shoreline of the Lake.  The boat dock is located at the end of Calle Rancho Grande and the lanchas leave from the dock every 30 minutes.

Lake Atitlan Village Tour is a gift that invites us to step away from that frantic life and immerse ourselves in a culture that lives in harmony with the natural rhythms of the Mayan Culture. The Tour takes one through the villages of Lake Atitlan in a day, without stress or pressures.

There are three majestic volcanoes— Toliman, San Pedro and Atitlan—overlooking what is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world— Lake Atitlan. Dotted along its shoreline are more than a dozen towns and villages, most of which have retained their Mayan character to this day.

Maya culture is prevalent around the lake where traditions, customs, and culture, along with the traditional clothing (traje) has been retained. Each indigenous Mayan village has its own uniqueness and its own signature style of clothing that sets it apart from the others.

Lake Atitlan Village Tour is one of our most popular tours.

San Juan La Laguna is notably less popular among ex-pats, as a local law prohibits outsiders from purchasing land within the municipality.

Due to this, visitors to the town can enjoy a more “authentic” experience among the indigenous Tz’utujil population.

The town is famous for Art, which adorns the walls of buildings, Culture Mayan Textiles weavers, Coffee, Leather products, and honey.

The weaving in San Juan La Laguna is also different than the weaving, fabrics, and yarns found throughout Guatemala.

In San Juan, the weavers use natural dyeing techniques that have been passed down through the generation. Their natural dyeing techniques include using pepper, achiote, coconut shells, tree bark, and many other natural products.

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Lake Atitlan Boat Tour

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