• Touring Lake Atitlan Villages

    Touring Lake Atitlan Villages includes the villages of Santa Catarina Palopó and San Antonio Palopó.

    We provide tours of San Juan Artists, San Pedro, Santiago Atitlan, San Lucas Toliman, Solola, Tecpan and other remote villages of Guatemala.

Lake Atitlan Boat Tour

Touring Lake Atitlan Villages Santa Catarina Palopó and San Antonio Palopó

Lake Atitlan Boat Tour

Lake Atitlan Village Tour Information

Touring Lake Atitlan Villages Santa Catarina Palopó and San Antonio Palopó

TRIP DURATION: roughly 7-8 hours

TRIP LOCATION: Santa Catarina Palopó and San Antonio Palopó



Full day $125 (Q920) – 1 person (private tour) 

$85 (Q625) per person – 2 or more people

WHAT TO BRING: Bring camera, water, snacks, sun protection (hat, shades, sunscreen), good walking shoes or sneakers are recommended (no flip-flops), and be prepared to have an incredible adventure!

About San Antonio Palopó and Santa Catarina Palopó

Santa Catarina is a small indigenous village with many shops filled with art, weaving’s, and fabrics lining the streets.  Just a short walk from the main street as well as from the Church is the playa where you can walk along the beach to the hot springs.  The hot springs are a great way to relax after a hike in the mountains and around town.

Upon entering the village of San Antonio Palopó you are met with the sweet aroma of onions that waft of the terraced fields that surround the village.  The village of San Antonio Palopó is a small relatively untouched village that is known for their numerous weaving cooperatives and for their renowned ceramics.

The weaving cooperatives can be found throughout San Antonio Palopó .  If you are interested in visiting the ceramic factories upon entering the village you will want to take the lower road that winds along the shores of the Lake.

Lake Atitlan Village Tour Details

Touring Lake Atitlan Villages of Santa Catarina Palopó and San Antonio Palopó, Guatemala is a country that offers so much for those that are willing to step off the beaten path for a while.

Are you are looking for an adventure where you would like to trade in the frenetic pace of your life with an unforgettable trip to one of the most beautiful countries in the world? We have just the place for you—Guatemala.

Touring Lake Atitlan Villages Santa Catarina Palopó and San Antonio Palopó

Discover the way of life of the local people who live in the villages of Santa Catarina Palopó and San Antonio Palopó.

Join us as we explore and immerse ourselves in the beauty of Lake Atitlan’s countryside hiking along the picturesque roads winding its way along the shores through the timeless traditional villages of Santa Catarina Palopó and San Antonio Palopó. Both villages offer spectacular views of the lake along with rich and distinctive traditions of Mayan culture.

This tour includes visiting and meeting several women’s weaving cooperatives in Santa Catarina Palopó where you can watch the women weave colorful and vibrant textiles into table coverings, clothing, wall hangings, and accessories.

Just a few mile hike from Santa Catarina Palopó perched along the shores of Lake Atitlan is San Antonio Palopó where we will be visiting ceramic and pottery factories. We will tour the factories and watch the process of hand-painting the ceramics.

There will be lots of opportunities to stop and take photos of the beautiful surroundings as well as to purchase merchandise from the artisans.

Comfortable hiking shoes are recommended as there are steeper hills to climb in these villages.

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