Travel Itineraries
Today we will begin a series of posts on travel itineraries we suggest. Guatemala is a beautiful country packed with adventures for any traveler.
With only six days in the country, you’ll want to focus on a specific region to maximize your time.
Our Members often ask about Shuttle Services. Most flights arrive around 2:30 in Guatemala City.
We provide two companies we have used for years, who cover transport for all of Guatemala. WhatsApp: 502 3127 4935 Email: WhatsApp 5836 7172
Tomorrow post a possible itinerary that will take you to the Pacific coast of Guatemala. You may enjoy helping hatch sea turtles or just hanging on the beaches.
Hotels in Antigua, this group offers nine properties to choose from.
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Itinerary: Culture and Relaxation Guatemala;
Travel Itineraries
  • Day 1: Fly into Guatemala City (GUA) and take a private shuttle or shared transfer to Antigua Guatemala. Spend the evening exploring this charming colonial city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for its colorful buildings, volcanoes, and ruined churches. In the evening, enjoy dinner at or
  • Day 2: Antigua’s Acatenango Volcano is a remarkable climb that stands tall at 13,041 ft / 3,976 m, and it is a must-do for most adventure travelers in Guatemala. The hike not only provides panoramic views of the entire region but also offers a unique vantage point to witness the nearby (and highly active!) Or you may enjoy a walking tour Elizabeth Bell Tours we highly recommend. 502 7832 5821.
  • Day 3: Take a morning shuttle to Lake Atitlán, a stunning volcanic lake surrounded by colorful Mayan villages. Where to stay? Panajechel is the main village the shuttle will drop you off.
  • Keep in mind if you plan to visit villages on the other side of the Lake, San Pedro, San Juan, and Santiago all are serviced by Public and Private boat services.
  • On the Panajachel side of the Lake, there are many hotels to choose from a few we are familiar with., If you are looking for a higher-end property,
  • Day 4: Hike to the top of Indian Nose (Nariz del Indio) for a sunrise tour with panoramic views of the lake and surrounding volcanoes.
  • Finish at 8:30, and visit the charming town of San Juan, known for its traditional Mayan culture, colorful textiles, and Coffee Farms. Or take a short tuk-tuk ride to San Pedro.
  • Day 5: Take a boat tour to explore some of the other villages around the lake, such as Santiago, known for the Huipil is the most common traditional garment worn by indigenous women from central Mexico to Central America, or Santa Catarina Palopó, a traditional Mayan village with a beautiful church. San Antonio Palapo Ceramics.
  • Day 6: Head back to Guatemala City airport for your flight home. Most flights leave early afternoon, Ideal to leave Lake Atitlan early morning.
I have tried to provide as much detail and suggestions as possible to limit your time online searching. The businesses I have suggested have operated in Guatemala for many years and offer excellent service. With fixed pricing.