NO GMO For Guatemala Fruits & Vegetables

NO GMO For Guatemala Fruits & Vegetables | Monsanto Stopped  Lake Atitlan Food, the fresh fruits, and vegetables in the Lake Atitlan markets will amaze you.  Lake Atitlan Food in the form of fruits and vegetables are so plentiful that you won’t know where to start and while there are many that you will recognize there are also plenty that you will not.

Lake Atitlan Food

Lake Atitlan Food


Among a few of the more unique fruits are Zapotes which have a brown furry outside and a soft orange color inside that is sweet to the taste.  Pacay is a podded fruit that looks like a hug bean pod and has a soft white pulp inside surrounded by large seeds.  And while there isn’t a lot of pulp what there is taste sweet and delicious.

Pitaya, also known as Dragonfruit, has a colorful hot pink fruit skin and a white inside with tiny seeds that give it a polka dot characteristic.  It grows plentiful in the Highland of Guatemala and is one of my favorite fruits.  It has a sweet flavor that is comparable to kiwi fruit.

Guatemala Market


Nance fruit, also called yellow cherries, has a very strong and distinct flavor and smell, unlike any other fruit that I have tasted or smelled.  From experience, you either love this fruit or hate it.  Personally, I love it.

Chayote is a vegetable that has a green outside and an inside that is comparable to a squash.  In fact, most people prepare Chayote like they would a squash.  Yucca is also a vegetable that you can commonly find in the markets of Lake Atitlan.

Most people boil yucca, and while I like it, it really doesn’t have much of a taste.  It is comparable to a potato in consistency and taste.  Pacaya, also known as date palm, is a popular vegetable that can be pickled, fried with egg batter, or put in a tomato sauce.  The smaller Pacaya’s can be quite tasty, the larger ones I have found to be bitter.

NO GMO For Guatemala Fruits & Vegetables

Vegetables and Fruits Are They Safe to Eat

Living in Lake Atitlan Guatemala I get asked a lot about whether it is safe to eat the fruits and vegetables in the market.  My answer is a resounding, yes.  In fact, I buy all my food in the market.  There is nothing in my house that comes out of a can or box.  The produce is fresh and delicious and typically is harvested within 24-48 hours of the time you purchase it.

NO GMO For Guatemala Fruits & Vegetables

My recommendation is that if you are traveling to Lake Atitlan don’t miss out on all the wonderful Lake Atitlan Food that awaits you in the market.

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