Antigua Guatemala Changed

 Antigua is one of the cities in Guatemala that I once had a huge love for. Over the years of living in Antigua, the city changed. Lost were the little shops and restaurants in the town plaza, which locals had owned and run for years. All gone, replaced with Brands, Franchises, and wealthy foreign investors. Tourism.


Parque Central

Behind the Market is the Main Chicken bus lot for the region. Need a ride someplace? There will be a Chicken Bus or van going that way. There are a lot of street food stalls by these Chicken Buses. I love street food, however this street food stalls a little past my limits.



The Antigua Market has for years always stayed the same, for Tourists Antigua Market sells everything and anything. If you hunt long enough and ask someone who has what you’re looking for. Cheese to Charcoal. Light bulbs to Candles.

Antigua Market

Antigua Market

Riley’s Irish Pub owned by a Dane that served Fish and Chips in Guatemala under the Arches mysteriously is evicted from this prime property. The new location they moved to, never seemed to catch on like the old pub. Location, Location, Location.

Hector’s Bistro in Antigua was in my opinion, the best Restraint in Guatemala. Hector and his Girlfriend created something special in the way of a restaurant. It was small and quaint, cooked right in front of you. Excellent service, great wines, and always Hector running from Table to Table. Hector knew everyone. Often he would offer you a complimentary glass of wine or a dessert.  Success and now Hector owns Hector’s Bistro.


Lake Atitlan Gallery of Images

Metiz Bistro Frances is a great story. I met the owner Metiz years ago just after he landed in Antigua and opened his little “Chop” as he called it with his heavy French Accent. A block off the main Plaza at a 15-foot storefront with a few chairs and a cooler. He cured amazing meats, sausages, Pate, Infused wine, lots of local craft cheese, and great sandwiches. Somehow a few years later Metiz moved into this monster French Deli Bistro which opened a block off the main Plaza in a high-traffic area.

Jungle Party Hostel is an amazing story about the owner Monica. The first Hostel to open in Antigua a city at that time filled with Hotels. They all laughed at a woman in Guatemala, please. Laugh as you may about the idea, this little Hostel idea grew and took off like no one ever thought possible. Monica has that one thing going in Travel consistency and a great product. The rest all happens online, through word of mouth and reviews.


Antigua Guatemala Semana Santa 2017

Semana Santa Antigua. This is an event worth seeing. For those of you with no knowledge about religion, this is Holy Week in Christianity is the week just before Easter. It is also the last week of Lent, “Semana Santa en Sevilla”. Featuring the procession of “pasos”, lifelike wood, or plaster sculptures of individual scenes. The streets of Antigua are adorned with very complex carpets of flowers, sawdust, fruits, and a rainbow of colors, artistically designed on the ground of the streets.


Antigua Churches

The Churches of Antigua are something to behold. I have lived behind San Francisco Church for a time. I would say the most important church in Antigua. The size takes your breath away as you enter. The design and the beauty are amazing and protected. There is a small courtyard beside the church with the ruins of another time. The front of the church begins the walk past the Stations of the Cross leading to Santa Ana. Pilgrims come during Lent to walk the Stations of the Cross.

Is Antigua safe?  Today we have to ask ourselves where is safe anymore. The State Department Alerts always cause concerns for those that would rely on these to determine travel plans. TripAdvisor tells all mostly. Like any large city with a lot of Tourists, you should know the rules, out past 1:30 too much to drink, let’s go find another party. You might find trouble. Actually in any big city. Use your head.

Like most, I did not follow the rules and found myself wandering home at 4:30 in the morning from a Café Nose refrigerator door after a party. If you ask then you have never been to Antigua. Yes, Antigua is safe.

Is Guatemala Gay Friendly I would say yes.

Is Guatemala Gay Friendly I would say yes. Antigua, Livingston, Monterrico, Guatemala City, Coban, Tikal, and Lake Atitlan all support an open Gay Community.

All the regions and cities in Guatemala I have listed above. I have spent a significant amount of time in to know the attitude of the community. These areas are yes mostly the Tourism destinations of Guatemala.