Lake Atitlan Boat Services Schedule | Price and Times is an official boat schedule, the Boats typically depart and arrive every 20-30 minutes from the public docks at the end of Calle del Embarcadero located just west of Santander in the village of Panajachel.

Lake Atitlan Private Boat Services

Lake Atitlan Private Boat Services

Lanchas to Santiago depart from a different dock located at the end of Calle Rancho Grande and leave approximately every 30 minutes. Public Boats run daily starting at 6:30 am.

The village of Santiago is located directly across Lake Atitlan from Panajachel or Pana as the locals refer to it. The easiest way to travel to Santiago from Pana is by a lancha.

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Boats and private boats are available from most villages around Lake Atitlan to just about any other village. Make sure you negotiate the cost prior to leaving.

Lake Atitlan, being a popular tourist destination in Guatemala, offers various boat services to help visitors explore the stunning landscapes and picturesque villages around the lake. Here are some common boat services available at Lake Atitlan:

  1. Public Boat Transport: Public boats, also known as “lanchas,” are the primary mode of transportation for locals and tourists alike. These boats connect the different villages around the lake, making it convenient for visitors to hop from one village to another. The boats run on regular schedules, and you can find them at designated docks in each village. They are relatively affordable and provide a scenic way to travel across the lake.
  2. Private Boat Tours: Many tour operators offer private boat tours around Lake Atitlan. These tours can be customized according to your preferences and interests. Private boat tours are an excellent option if you want more flexibility and a personalized experience. You can hire a private guide who will take you to specific places of interest, including remote villages and hidden spots around the lake.
  3. Shuttle Boats to Nature Reserves: Some areas around Lake Atitlan, such as the Atitlan Nature Reserve or Cerro Tzankujil Nature Reserve, are accessible only by boat. Shuttle boats are available to take visitors to these reserves, where you can enjoy hiking trails, wildlife spotting, and stunning views.
  4. Sunset Cruises: Sunset cruises are a popular option for tourists who want to experience the magical beauty of Lake Atitlan during the golden hour. Many boat operators offer evening cruises that take you around the lake while you enjoy the breathtaking sunset views.
  5. Private Boat Rentals: If you prefer more independence, you can also rent private boats in some of the larger villages. This allows you to explore the lake at your own pace and visit the places you want without adhering to a set schedule.

When using boat services at Lake Atitlan, it’s essential to consider safety and weather conditions, especially during the rainy season. Also, make sure to agree on the price and itinerary in advance for private boat services.

As always, it’s a good idea to check with local tour operators or your accommodation for up-to-date information on boat services, schedules, and any safety considerations before planning your Lake Atitlan boat adventure.

San Pedro Sunrise HikeLake Atitlan Tours

San Pedro Sunrise Hike

San Pedro Sunrise Hike is located on the northwest shores of Lake Atitlan beside San Juan La Laguna is the famous mountain formation called Indian Nose for its resemblance to a Mayan nose.
Lake Atitlan Street Food Tour

Lake Atitlan Cooking School

San Pedro Lake Atitlan Culinary Cooking School is perfect for people who love to learn about local Mayan foods and want to learn how to make these dishes. We often think of our Lake Atitlan Cooking Classes as workshops that introduce you to the flavors of ancestral Maya cooking while providing an incredible opportunity to be a part of daily life with a Tz’utujil Maya family.
Guatemalan CuisineGuatemala Tours and Travel Services

Guatemalan Mayan Cuisine

But to get a taste of the true Mayan experience, there are a few dishes you simply must try: Kak'ik: This flavorful turkey soup is a specialty of the Q'eqchi' Maya people of Alta Verapaz. The turkey is simmered in a rich broth spiced with achiote, coriander, and chiles, and served with small white tamales steamed in banana leaves.
Largest Volcano in GuatemalaLake Atitlan Travel Services

Largest Volcano in Guatemala

The largest volcano in Guatemala, and also the highest volcano in Central America, is Volcán Tajumulco. It stands at an impressive height of 4,220 meters (13,845 ft) above sea level and is located in the southwestern department of San Marcos, near the border with Mexico.
San Juan La LagunaLake Atitlan Travel Services

San Juan La Laguna

San Juan La Laguna, nestled on the southwestern shores of Lake Atitlán in Guatemala, boasts a rich history and vibrant culture deeply intertwined with the Tz'utujil Maya people who call it home.
Indian Nose Sunrise HikeLake Atitlan Tours

Indian Nose Sunrise Hike

Best Hike in Lake Atitlan Indian Nose Sunrise Hike. The Hike is also known as the Maya Nose Hike from San Pedro. Enjoy the Sunrise with Cha
AI Model DifferencesLake Atitlan Travel Services

AI Model Differences

AI Model Differences: If you're like most of us, your spam email folder is filled with promises to teach you how to use ChatGPT; few people are aware of Google Gemini or Microsoft's Copilot offerings. Video AI and other offers.
Semana Santa Lake Atitlan Good Friday Tour

Semana Santa Lake Atitlan

Semana Santa Lake Atitlan Good Friday Tour. Semana Santa is a celebration which commemorates the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. On Good Friday as part of Semana Santa celebration, the cobblestone streets of Santa Catarina Palopó and San Antonio Palopó, Guatemala is transformed into an artistic canvas.
Indian Nose Lake Atitlan Officially Renamed The Mayan NoseLake Atitlan Tours

Renamed The Mayan Nose

Indian Nose Lake Atitlan Officially Renamed | The Mayan Nose. Mayan Nose sits at At 2,863 meters (9,393 feet). a very popular sunrise hike.
San Pedro Sunrise HikeLake Atitlan Tours

Volcano Hike San Pedro

Lake Atitlan Sunrise Volcano Tour San Pedro, Ready to experience climbing a Volcano at Sunrise on Lake Atitlan? The best experiences.
Guatemala Gifiti The Herbal Medicine For Love

Herbal Medicine For Love Guatemala Gifiti

Guatemala Gifiti The Herbal Medicine For Love. Gifiti is a mixture of alcohol soaked in various herbs. Gifiti is a Garífuna drink for Love
Atitlan Mayan Cacao CeremoniesLake Attitaln Tours

Mayan Cacao Ceremonies

Lake Atitlan Mayan Cacao Ceremonies. Our Cacao Ceremonies are held by a Mayan Shaman from the village of San Juan.
Lake Atitlan Market ToursGrow your own cure

Lake Atitlan Market Tour

Lake Atitlan Market Tour Solola Market San Pedro Santiago Atitlan Markets Lake Atitlan Market Tours begin in the Solola Market and includes a visit to the village of Concepción. Visiting the Solola market is a great way to gain some insight into Lake Atitlan Guatemalan Mayan culture, traditions, customs, foods, colors, and people.
Guatemala Cooking ClassesGrow Your Own Cure

Guatemala Cooking Classes

Guatemala Cooking Classes our Lake Atitlan Cooking Classes are perfect for people who love traditional foods Lake Atitlan Cooking Classes. Now you can truly immerse yourself in this foodie haven by learning how to make the staples of Guatemalan/Mayan cuisine with Chef Teresa.
Guatemala Herbal Medicine WorkshopGuatemala Herbal Medicine Workshop

Guatemala Herbal Medicine Workshop

Guatemala Herbal Medicine Workshop Learn about the Mayan Culture of herbal medicine, from Lake Atitlan Mayan healers.
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San Pedro Happy Hour Tours

San Pedro Happy Hour Tours are not a pub crawl or a bar crawl. Most Cantina owners refuse to hold or support these Pub Crawls offered, which turn into a drunken activity rather than an evening out having fun.
Lake Atitlan Coffee Tours

Lake Atitlan Coffee Tours

Lake Atitlan Coffee Tours, join us in Lake Atitlan Guatemala for a coffee tour from tree to cup. We visit small growers of Coffee in San Juan and San Pedro.
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Lake Atitlan Upper Rim Hike

Lake Atitlan Upper Rim Hike. Our Lake Atitlan Hike Discover the explorer in you as we hit the trail and hike the diverse landscapes
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Lake Atitlan Village Boat Tour

Lake Atitlan Village Boat Tour | San Juan | San Pedro #1 TripAdvisor and by our guests who found our unique experience takes you on a one day adventure of Lake Atitlan. Covid-19
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San Pedro Chichicastenango Market Tours

San Pedro Chichicastenango Market Tours, experience local culture, visit the most Famous Guatemala market. Chichicastenango one day Tour
Lake Atitlan 3 Day Tour

Lake Atitlan 3 Day Tour

For those interested in a Lake Atitlan 3 Day Tour exploring the highlands of Guatemala this Lake Atitlan 3 day tour provides a voyage of discovery that goes beyond the scope of the big attractions and takes you to hidden trails and backroads.
Guatemala Natural Diabetes TreatmentGrow Your Own Cure

Guatemala Natural Diabetes Treatment

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Natural Diabetes Treatment. Grow Your Own Cure, as the name expresses, began 17 years ago to offer travelers the option of not taking Western medicine and to offer tours and accurate information about Mayan herbal medicine found in Lake Atitlan and Guatemala.
Guatemala's Best Fried ChickenLake Atitlan Travel Services

Guatemala’s Best Fried Chicken

Guatemala's Best Fried Chicken: I adore good fried chicken, and Guatemala comes in first place for me. Fried chicken is available everywhere in Guatemala, with franchises, local stores on every corner, and weekend street food in Panajachel.
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Lake Atitlan Street Food Tour

Lake Atitlan Street Food Tour is a safe and fun food and cultural experience for all our Street Food Tours enjoy by hundred of guests.