Lake Atitlan Tours Blog is about the villages and culture of the Mayan People living in villages around Lake Atitlan Guatemala.

Lake Atitlan Tours and Travel Services Blog details the natural beauty and Indigenous Mayan villages of Lake Atitlan Guatemala. the Weavers, Ceramics, Art, and Paintings of the Lake.

Lake Attilan Tours and Travel Services

Lake Attilan view of three volcanoes

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Remember to look for recent blog posts to ensure that the information is up to date, and consider reading multiple sources to get a comprehensive view of the tours available and the experiences others have had on Lake Atitlan. Always verify the credibility of the blog or website and cross-reference the information you find to plan a safe and enjoyable trip to this beautiful destination.

Lake Atitlan, located in the Guatemalan Highlands, is a beautiful and popular destination for hikers and nature enthusiasts. The lake is surrounded by picturesque volcanoes and traditional Mayan villages, making it an excellent place to explore on foot. There are several hiking trails and routes in the area that offer stunning views and unique experiences.

Atitlan VolcanoGrow Your Own Cure
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Atitlan Volcano

Most visitors who visit Lake Atitlan discover the Maya Nose Sunrise Hike; their next pick is San Pedro Volcano, and they overlook Atitlan Volcano. Atitlan Volcano boasts a long and fiery history.
Santa María VolcanoLake Atitlan Travel Sevices
El Mirador, the Lost City of the Maya.Grow Your Owm Cure
What does Quetzalteca mean?Grow Your Own Cure
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What does Quetzalteca mean?

What does quetzalteca mean? "Quetzalteca" is a traditional Guatemalan alcoholic beverage, specifically a type of aguardiente, which is a clear, potent liquor made from sugar cane. This drink is deeply embedded in Guatemalan culture and is named after the quetzal, the national bird of Guatemala, symbolizing freedom and wealth. Quetzalteca is renowned for its unique flavor and high alcohol content.
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NO GMO For Guatemala | Fruits & VegetablesGrow Your Own Cure
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Required to travel to Guatemala?Lake Atitlan Tours and Travel Services
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Required to travel to Guatemala?

What is required to travel to Guatemala? To enter Guatemala, you will need a U.S. passport that is valid at the time of entry. There is no minimum validity period for a U.S. passport. U.S. citizens do not need a visa and are admitted to Guatemala for 90 days.
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GuatemalaLake Atiltan Travel Services
Guatemala Pacific CoastGuatemala Travel Services
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Guatemala Pacific Coast

Guatemala Pacific Coast, Beaches, Towns, Surfing, and Sports Fishing. The town of Monterrico. El Paredón is a sleepy fishing village. Sipacate is a resort town and municipality on the Pacific coast of Guatemala
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San Pedro Sunrise HikeLake Atitlan Tours

San Pedro Sunrise Hike

San Pedro Sunrise Hike is located on the northwest shores of Lake Atitlan beside San Juan La Laguna is the famous mountain formation called Indian Nose for its resemblance to a Mayan nose.
Santiago Atitlan
Quetzaltenango AKA Xela Party TownLake Atitlan Tours
Lake Atitlan Street Food Tour
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Lake Atitlan Cooking School

San Pedro Lake Atitlan Culinary Cooking School is perfect for people who love to learn about local Mayan foods and want to learn how to make these dishes. We often think of our Lake Atitlan Cooking Classes as workshops that introduce you to the flavors of ancestral Maya cooking while providing an incredible opportunity to be a part of daily life with a Tz’utujil Maya family.
Lake Atitlan Guatemala Volcano Facts | Volcán Atitlan | Volcán Tolimán | Volcán San Pedro
Chichicastenango Market Days are held on Thursdays and Sundays where vendors sell handicrafts from all over the region of ChichicastenangoLake Atitlan Tours
Guatemala Healthy CoffeeGuatemala Travel Services
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Guatemala Healthy Coffee

It's important to note that while Guatemala Healthy Coffee contains various beneficial compounds, individual responses to coffee consumption can vary, and excessive intake may have adverse effects. Additionally, many of the health benefits associated with coffee are observed with moderate consumption
What phone can I use in Guatemala?
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What phone can I use in Guatemala?

What phone can I use in Guatemala? You can use your own Phone in Guatemala, with a few suggestions you might want to follow. I will also explain in this post about travelers in need of high-speed Internet for short periods of time while traveling in Guatemala.  WiFi in Guatemala? Wi-Fi Availability: In Guatemala, you will find a range of hotels, restaurants, and cafes offering wireless internet connections to their clients.