Lake Atitlan Street Food Tour
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Lake Atitlan Cooking School

San Pedro Lake Atitlan Culinary Cooking School is perfect for people who love to learn about local Mayan foods and want to learn how to make these dishes. We often think of our Lake Atitlan Cooking Classes as workshops that introduce you to the flavors of ancestral Maya cooking while providing an incredible opportunity to be a part of daily life with a Tz’utujil Maya family.
Lake Atitlan Ceramics Store

Lake Atitlan Ceramics Store

San Antonio Palopo Lake Atitlan Ceramics Store | Lake Atitlan Tours and Travel Services. San Antonio Palopo Lake Atitlan Ceramics Store offers pottery and ceramics that are created in San Antonio Palopó incorporates hand-painted.
Indian Nose Lake Atitlan Officially Renamed The Mayan NoseLake Atitlan Tours
San Pedro Sunrise HikeLake Atitlan Tours
Lake Atitlan Coffee Artists
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Lake Atitlan Coffee

Lake Atitlan Coffee. For most coffee is that black cup of Lake Atitlan Coffee we enjoy or are addicted to starting our mornings with Coffee.
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Antigua Guatemala Changed

Antigua is one of the cities in Guatemala I once had a huge love for. Over the years of living in Antigua the city changed. Lost were the little shops and restaurants in the town plaza, locals had owned and ran for years. All gone, replaced with Brands, Franchises and wealthy foreign investment. Tourism.
Atitlan Mayan Cacao CeremoniesLake Attitaln Tours
Guatemala Cooking ClassesGrow Your Own Cure
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Guatemala Cooking Classes

Guatemala Cooking Classes our Lake Atitlan Cooking Classes are perfect for people who love traditional foods Lake Atitlan Cooking Classes. Now you can truly immerse yourself in this foodie haven by learning how to make the staples of Guatemalan/Mayan cuisine with Chef Teresa.
Holy Cow Fake Ceremonial CacaoLake Atitlan Tours
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Holy Cow Fake Ceremonial Cacao

Fake Ceremonial Cacao, Holy Cow, I wanted to write this post due to the fact that over the last few years, the trend for that ceremonial cacao has grown, and with that comes the fakes. Ceremonial cacao is prepared in a traditional way.
Exporting Companies GuatemalaLake Atitlan Tours
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Exporting Companies Guatemala

Exporting Companies Guatemala. DHL's Ethical Fashion Guatemala exporting services in Guatemala typically include: International Express Shipping: DHL offers express shipping services for time-sensitive shipments to various international destinations. They provide door-to-door delivery and fast transit times.
Exporting Guatemala Green Coffee Beans
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Exporting Guatemala Green Coffee Beans

Exporting Guatemala Green Coffee Beans 2023. Exporting to Coffee Shops and Roasters using Ethical Fashion Guatemala, eliminates Middlemen. Coffee Shops and Roasters in the United States obtain coffee through Coffee Brokers, Fair Trade Orgs, Agents, and Middlemen sold under contracts or spot pricing.
Ancestral Retreats in GuatemalaGrow Your Own Cure
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Ancestral Retreats in Guatemala

Ancestral retreats in Guatemala offer participants the opportunity to connect with the indigenous wisdom, traditions, and spiritual practices of the Mayan culture. These retreats often focus on exploring and honoring ancestral knowledge, rituals, and healing techniques. Here are some aspects to consider when looking for ancestral retreats in Guatemala:
Send packages from Guatemala
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Send Packages from Guatemala

Send packages from Guatemala. Every shipment you make using our services helps support the Artisans of Guatemala. After the closure of the Guatemala Postal Service Artisans were left with no means to sell products worldwide.
Guatemala Artisans Copyright Protection | Antigua Artisan Markets | Guatemala Coffee Production | Ethical Fashion Guatemala Cacao Production | Village Artisan Tours | Chichicastenango Markets | Importing Exporting ServicesLake Atitlan Tours
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Guatemala Artisans Copyright Protection

Guatemala Artisans Copyright Protection is an essential issue for Guatemala's artisans, who often rely on the sale of their unique, handmade goods to support their livelihoods. Ethical Fashion Guatemala is working to promote fair trade practices and protect the intellectual property rights of artisans.
Lake Atitlan Coffee ProducersGrow Your Own Cure
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Lake Atitlan Coffee Producers

Lake Atitlan Coffee Producers are supported by this website and the Transparent services provided by our partners, Ethical Fashion Guatemala, and Grupo May Maya Net. Our partner's services include shipping of premium roasted, Lake Atitlan Coffee.
Metaport.aiEthical Fashion Guatemala
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About Metaport.AI Metaport - provides a community-sourced platform to store geo-tagged history and culture and enables people to connect emotionally to their past and their present.
About Guatemala Handmade Coffee
Lake Atitlan Herbal Pharmacy
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Medicinal Herbs Provided By Lake Atitlan Herbal Pharmacy

Medicinal Herbs Provided By The Lake Atitlan Herbal Pharmacy. Lake Atitlan Tours provides those seeking to purchase Herbs for treatments of Illnesses from the various Villages around Lake Atitlan that grow Mayan Herbal Medicines.
Lake Atitlan Guatemala Hand Made YarnsEthical Fashion Guatemala

Lake Atitlan Weaving Fabrics Yarns Sale

Lake Atitlan Weaving Fabrics Yarns For Sale provides information on Weaving Co-Operatives, Weaving Groups, Weaving Associations throughout Guatemala.
Quetzaltenango DHL Express Global ServicesLake Atitlan Tours
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Quetzaltenango DHL Express Global Services

Quetzaltenango DHL Express Global Services. Quetzaltenango is a department in the western highlands of Guatemala. DHL is a German logistics company providing Express Services.
Ethical Fashion Brand based in PanajachelEthical Fashion Guatemala

Ethical Fashion Brand based in Panajachel

Ethical Fashion Brand based in Panajachel, Guatemala showcasing Maya Artisans and their handmade creations. Grow Your Own Cure continues to support the work of Ethical Fashion Guatemala.
Guatemala Fashion Designers Supporting Women

Fashion Designers Supporting Women

Guatemala Fashion Designers Support Women's success is now in the form of E-Commerce tools and access provided by Ethical Fashion Guatemala.
Guatemala Impact Sustainable Travel & Ecotourism
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Guatemala Impact Sustainable Travel

Guatemala Impact Sustainable Travel & Ecotourism. Sustainable tourism is the concept of visiting a place as a tourist and trying to make only a positive impact on the environment, society and economy.
Guatemala Impact Sustainable Travel & Ecotourism
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Santa Catarina Palopo Weavers Familia Típicos Pérez

The indigenous women of Santa Catarina Palopo Weavers continue the art of hand-woven weaving back-strap loom, Santa Catarina Palopo Weavers. Santa Catarina Palopo Weavers Familia Típicos Pérez - Lake Atitlan Tours and Travel Services