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What does Quetzalteca mean?

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What does quetzalteca mean? "Quetzalteca" is a traditional Guatemalan alcoholic beverage, specifically a type of aguardiente, which is a clear, potent liquor made from sugar cane. This drink is deeply embedded in Guatemalan culture and is named after the quetzal, the national bird of Guatemala, symbolizing freedom and wealth. Quetzalteca is renowned for its unique flavor and high alcohol content.
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Required to travel to Guatemala?

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What is required to travel to Guatemala? To enter Guatemala, you will need a U.S. passport that is valid at the time of entry. There is no minimum validity period for a U.S. passport. U.S. citizens do not need a visa and are admitted to Guatemala for 90 days.
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Lake Atitlan Cooking School

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San Pedro Lake Atitlan Culinary Cooking School is perfect for people who love to learn about local Mayan foods and want to learn how to make these dishes. We often think of our Lake Atitlan Cooking Classes as workshops that introduce you to the flavors of ancestral Maya cooking while providing an incredible opportunity to be a part of daily life with a Tz’utujil Maya family.
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Guatemala Healthy Coffee

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It's important to note that while Guatemala Healthy Coffee contains various beneficial compounds, individual responses to coffee consumption can vary, and excessive intake may have adverse effects. Additionally, many of the health benefits associated with coffee are observed with moderate consumption
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Lake Atitlan Guatemala Meat

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Meat

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Lake Atitlan Guatemala Meat and Beef. If you are new to Guatemala or a Traveler to Lake Atitlan you will find that much if not all the meat from the local markets in Guatemala is, "Tough, or really Tuff". The main reason is that, unlike US Beef, the cattle in Guatemala are mostly grass-fed and are not finished with corn like US Beef.
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Lake Atitlan Coffee

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Lake Atitlan Coffee. For most coffee is that black cup of Lake Atitlan Coffee we enjoy or are addicted to starting our mornings with Coffee.

Antigua Guatemala Changed

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Antigua is one of the cities in Guatemala I once had a huge love for. Over the years of living in Antigua the city changed. Lost were the little shops and restaurants in the town plaza, locals had owned and ran for years. All gone, replaced with Brands, Franchises and wealthy foreign investment. Tourism.
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Guatemala Cooking Classes

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Guatemala Cooking Classes our Lake Atitlan Cooking Classes are perfect for people who love traditional foods Lake Atitlan Cooking Classes. Now you can truly immerse yourself in this foodie haven by learning how to make the staples of Guatemalan/Mayan cuisine with Chef Teresa.
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Guatemala Natural Diabetes Treatment

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Lake Atitlan Guatemala Natural Diabetes Treatment. Grow Your Own Cure, as the name expresses, began 17 years ago to offer travelers the option of not taking Western medicine and to offer tours and accurate information about Mayan herbal medicine found in Lake Atitlan and Guatemala.