Guatemala Family Vacation

Guatemala 2017 Trip With Our 11 year-old daughter

Guatemala 2017 Trip With Our 11 year-old daughter. Travel uplifts every aspect of our existence because our awareness’s let us leave our everyday live’s on hold and move us towards being ever present in the moments of our new now.

We welcome to our senses the excitement of all that we see, taste,hear, smell, feel and the indigenous people we interact with. So imagine enriching those experiences, enter Kara and Jim who’s touring business did more than that for us.

I can only offer a weeks point of view of our family spending time with Kara and Jim as we Toured Lake Atitlan. Keeping an 11 year old’s interests each and every day of our Vacation was easy for Kara and Jim.

These tours are not tours, these are life events one takes home and puts away for ever. Watching our daughter engage with locals of all types. Cooking with Teresa in her home is a must do on the bucket list. Teresa a 55 year old Mayan woman with the biggest heart took us into her home and made us feel like family. No act one can see in Teresa’s eyes a hear that fills a room.

Guatemala 2017 Trip

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Cooking Classes Chef Teresa’s Tz’utujil

We logged many walking miles around Lake Atitlan per day visiting wonderful people and spots of interest everyday. This time was magical for our daughter a real trooper being eager to learn and absorb from their knowledge and expertise.

Kara’s tour business is unique, this business is not about how fast the tours can finish, stopping at shops that pay to have guides come in. If you want a real Guatemala experience, we highly recommend using this Tour Company. You will leave Guatemala with a heart filled experience of people and Mayan Culture. That our Guatemala 2017 Trip did provide in some many ways.

The meals together, their friends and contacts made the week fly by too quickly but we there in the moment enjoying it all very much thanks to them. WJD.

Wjdurkin (May, 2016)