Airbnb Impacts Lake Atitlan Vacation Rentals.

Today there are hundreds of listings for every type, size, and location of Airbnb properties listed for Lake Atitlan and the area.

Is this a good situation for Lake Atitlan and the existing, Hotel, Resorts, and Vacation Rental owners?



For Hotel owners in an already crowded Lake Atitlan market where you will find almost 200 Hotels, Resorts, and Hostels providing rooms and services. This form of competition has placed enormous pressure on owners to compete.

Airbnb Impacts Lake Atitlan

These owners with significant investments have been hard hit by Airbnb and or have been forced to list their properties on Airbnb for even longer to be found in search results dominated by listings.

Or the Real Estate and Vacation Rental owners that have subsidized their investments in Lake Atitlan by renting their Vacation Rentals, Airbnb has forced Real Estate Agents and Vacation Rental owners to also turn to this source for rentals.

Let’s talk about the environmental impact of adding properties that were never constructed to handle the pollution caused by the steady steam of overnight guests.

No one talks about the state of Lake Atitlan and the pollution caused by the Impact of Tourism alone. If the Lake dies or has another nasty Algae Bloom, that years ago shut down Tourism to Lake Atitlan for weeks, then what?

Airbnb Impacts Lake Atitlan

Airbnb has zero concerns for the Impact that its application and services have on not only Lake Atitlan, but Airbnb is also under constant investigation all over the world for the financial negative impact. There is no monitoring in Guatemala.

I know a lot of those Facebook users around Lake Atitlan and the area who like to comment on posts will, as usual, provide rants and opinions.

Lake Atitlán (Spanish: Lago de Atitlán, [atiˈtlan]) is a lake in the Guatemalan Highlands of the Sierra Madre mountain range. It is in the Sololá Department of southwestern Guatemala. It is the deepest lake in Central America.