Lake Atitlan Guatemala Volcano Facts | Volcán Atitlan | Volcán Tolimán | Volcán San Pedro

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Volcanoes

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Volcanoes | Volcán Atitlan | Volcán Tolimán | Volcán San Pedro, hiking is the most popular activities Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.
Facts About Guatemala Rainy Season For TravelersLake Atitlan Tours

Guatemala Rainy Season Travelers

Facts About Guatemala Rainy Season For Travelers Travelers reading news, weather reports Guatemala Rainy season is monsoons rains every day.
Guatemala Rainy Season 2021Grow Your Own Cure

Guatemala Rainy Season 2021

Guatemala Rainy Season 2021. I have answered this question hundreds of times, how much does it rain each day during Rainy Season?
500 miles around Lake Atitlan

I Walked 500 Miles Around Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Whew, you heard it correct, Walked 500 Miles Around Lake Atitlan Guatemala. And to think its approximately 55 kilometers around Lake Atitlan
Why Live in GuatemalaLake Atitlan Tours

Why Live in Guatemala

Why Live in Guatemala is a question many of my friends living in the United States still ask me after all my years of living in Guatemala.

Best 5 Antigua Guatemala Hotels

Antigua Guatemala Hotels. My “Best 5 Antigua Guatemala Hotels”…
Guatemala Cultural Village ExperienceGrow your own cure

Guatemala Cultural Village Experience

Our Cultural & Village Experience, we try to blend in as much as possible so that you get a real sense of what life is like here in Lake Atitlan.
Guatemala Mayan MedicineLake Atitlan Tours

Guatemalan Medicinal Plant Tour

Guatemalan Medicinal Plant Tour 3 - Day Tour On this 3-day tour, you will learn about many medicinal plants in the Highland of Guatemala.
Guatemala Seasonal Travel | Lake Atitlan ToursGrow Your Own Cure

Guatemala Seasonal Travel

Guatemala Seasonal Travel Every country has its own traditions…