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Holy Cow Fake Ceremonial Cacao

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Fake Ceremonial Cacao, Holy Cow, I wanted to write this post due to the fact that over the last few years, the trend for that ceremonial cacao has grown, and with that comes the fakes. Ceremonial cacao is prepared in a traditional way.
Guatemala Mayan Ruins Locations & Facts
Nightlife Panajachel

Looking For Nightlife Panajachel Has It All

Panajachel Nightlife, while Lake Atitlan may be known for its spectacular scenery, hiking, and indigenous culture. Panajachel has safe and a fun nightlife which includes wondering the streets of Pana and meeting new friends.
Hiking Smart

Hiking Smart Around Lake Atitlan be Prepared

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Hiking Smart Around Lake Atitlan be Prepared. You are standing at the summit of San Pedro Volcano or the Mirador on Lake Atitlan's Upper Rim. The stunning views from the summit make the strenuous ascent all worthwhile. However, in order to enjoy your Lake Atitlan Hiking experience you need to plan ahead.
Guatemala Impact Sustainable Travel & Ecotourism

Guatemala Impact Sustainable Travel

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Guatemala Impact Sustainable Travel & Ecotourism. Sustainable tourism is the concept of visiting a place as a tourist and trying to make only a positive impact on the environment, society and economy.
Panajachel Lake Atitlan GatewayGrow your own cure

Traveling to Lake Atitlan

Traveling to Lake Atitlan, is Lake Atitlan calling your name?  I understand why, because it was calling my name.  Lake Atitlan a dream vacation
Nicaragua Vacation

Amid Protests, Violence, Cancel Your Nicaragua Vacation?

Nicaragua was once one of the Top Tourist destinations, ranked as the Safest and Fastest growing Tourist location in Central America. Today the country is a war zone of protests and violent killings led by Nicaragua president, Daniel Ortega.
Guatemala Zika Virus Updates For 2018

Guatemala Zika Virus Updates For 2018

Guatemala Zika Virus Updates For 2018 there are no threats for Guatemala if Zika Virus Infections or new out breaks of Zika Virus reports by the Guatemala Ministry of Health.
Supermercado La Torre

Supermercado La Torre opens in Panajachel.

Supermercado La Torre grew from humble beginnings in 1950, Mr. Ernesto Ruiz Sáenz de Tejada bought a milk business, called Cremeria París. Supermercado La Torre opened in Panajachel a few weeks ago with packed customers standing in line waiting to enter, compare prices with Despensa, Chalo’s and Sandra’s
Palapa Bar Panajachel

Palapa Bar Panajachel, Restaurant, Hostel, Smoking Joes

Palapa Bar Panajachel puts on a new Palapa roof in preparation for the summer Guatemala Tourist season. Traveler’s coming to Lake Atitlan, Panajachel is the gateway to all of Lake Atitlan villages and Mayan Cultural experiences. The main street of Pana as the locals call the town is a maze of Restaurants, Hotels, Shops, Street Vendors, Clubs and yes Bars.
Home For Rent Panajachel Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Home For Rent Panajachel Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Home For Rent Jucanya Panajachel Guatemala. From this home you can walk to the Beaches of Lake Atitlan, enjoy some local food or just relax.The home sites on a hillside above the Village of Jucanya, the property was once a Coffee Finca. Home For Rent Jucanya Panajachel Guatemala
Burning of San Pedro Volcano

The Burning of San Pedro Volcano

The Burning of San Pedro Volcano can bee seen for miles around Lake Atitlan. Climbing San Pedro Volcano is a very popular activity with Tourists. The fires may have perhaps hampered this activity. At least the views across Lake Atitlan have been marred by the smoke.
San Pedro La Laguna Authentic Tour Company

Guatemala Music Ricardo Arjona – Gaby Moreno (Video Official)

Guatemala Music Ricardo Arjona - Gaby Moreno (Video Official). Not only should this video represent Guatemala Travel and Tourism industry which it does indirectly as this song unfolds using Guatemala as the back drop. 33 million views has not hurt the Guatemala Travel Industry. This video should be on every travel web site representing Guatemala Travel.
Licor Marrón Chocolate

Lake Atitlan Chocolate Factory

Lake Atitlan Chocolate Factory, with an incredible view of majestic Lake Atitlan, enjoy one of the sweetest experiences that San Juan La Laguna has to offer, discovering the ancient secrets of chocolate at Licor Marrón Chocolate.