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Guatemalan Mayan Cuisine

But to get a taste of the true Mayan experience, there are a few dishes you simply must try: Kak'ik: This flavorful turkey soup is a specialty of the Q'eqchi' Maya people of Alta Verapaz. The turkey is simmered in a rich broth spiced with achiote, coriander, and chiles, and served with small white tamales steamed in banana leaves.
Welcome to GuatemalaGrow Your Own Cure
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Welcome to Guatemala

Welcome to Guatemala I wanted to write this piece to provide an open, unvarnished account of the experiences I've had during the many years I've spent living in Guatemala. Over time how my strong connection to the country's Mayan population has made it possible for me to feel a part of them.
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Guatemala Artisans Copyright Protection

Guatemala Artisans Copyright Protection is an essential issue for Guatemala's artisans, who often rely on the sale of their unique, handmade goods to support their livelihoods. Ethical Fashion Guatemala is working to promote fair trade practices and protect the intellectual property rights of artisans.
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Guatemala Solo Women TravelersGrwo Your Own Cure
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Guatemala Solo Women Travelers Safety

Guatemala Solo Women Travelers Safety, I have enjoyed the experience of providing tours for many Solo Women Travelers for 15 years in Guatemala.
Your Guide Guatemala 2021Guatemala Tours
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Your Guide Guatemala 2021

Your Guide Guatemala 2021 Travel plans to Guatemala may not have been on everyone's bucket list, sorry missed out on enjoying the beauty.
Semana Santa Guatemala

Semana Santa Guatemala 2022 Antigua and Lake Atitlan

Semana Santa Guatemala, Holy Week in in Guatemala 2022 Antigua and Lake Atitlan is celebrated with street expressions of faith , called processions, usually organized by a "hermandades". Each procession of Holy Week has processional floats and steps, which are often religious images of the Passion of Christ, or Marian images, although there are exceptions, like the allegorical steps of saints.
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Best 5 Antigua Guatemala Hotels

Antigua Guatemala Hotels. My “Best 5 Antigua Guatemala Hotels” in the following categories are: Best “Get Your Garden On” Antigua Guatemala Hotel: Quinta de las Flores (Country House of Flowers) easily wins this category. Staying…
Guatemala Borders Open September 2020Lake Atitlan Tours
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Guatemala Borders Open September 2020

Guatemala Borders Open in September 2020. The Guatemala Borders REFORM THE NINTH PRESIDENTIAL PROVISION The NINTH Presidential is reformed:
Guatemala Market Facts

Guatemala Market Facts

Guatemala Market Facts each village market are individually different and unique. Travelers, Tourists interested in a Guatemala Market
Semana Santa in Antigua

Fond Memories of Semana Santa in Antigua

Fond Memories of Semana Santa in Antigua. My home in Antigua was finally finished and ready for that years tourist season. While my life remained unsettled in many ways this house brought comfort, having wondered since my wife's death this was a time of being home for once. It had been a very long time. Anna had moved on, while we remained in contact, I did not feel alone.
Guatemala Zika Virus Travel Updates 2017

Guatemala Zika Virus Travel Updates 2017

Guatemala Zika Virus Travel Updates 2017, In 2017, as of EW 28, Guatemala has reported suspected Zika cases in 20 health areas. The highest incidence rates were recorded in Guatemala Central (14 cases per 100,000 population), Chiquimula (6 cases per 100,000), and Santa Rosa (5 cases per 100,000).

Caribbean Tourism Industry Devastated by Hurricanes Maria and Irma

The Caribbean Tourism Industry Devastated by Hurricanes Maria and Irma. The economic impact for Independent Tour Operators in the Caribbean will be staggering.  Today life is in a survival mode to even  find Housing, Food, Water. The lack…
Rincon Tipico

Antigua Guatemala Local Restaurant Rincon Tipico

Rincon Tipico, which means a corner where you can get authentic traditional food, is located in the heart of Antigua Guatemala. I continue to find it among local restaurants offering typical Guatemalan fare at a price that's hard to beat. I have eaten there for years and the Local food and great prices continue.
Travelers Needing Computer Repairs Guatemala

Travelers Needing Computer Repairs Guatemala

Travelers Needing Computer Repairs Guatemala. You are on your fabulous vacation in Central America you are in either Lake Atitlan, Antigua or Guatemala City and the computer won’t start, froze on start up, can’t log in or worse your computer is dead.
Volcan de Agua & Fuego

Guatemala Volcanic Neighbors Include Volcan de Agua & Fuego

Guatemala our Volcanic Neighbors Include Volcan de Agua & Fuego (both dormant) and Fuego which is famous for being almost constantly active at a low level. From my garden in Antigua, I am able to see all three of these spectacular natural wonders and for years now I have enjoyed waking up and gazing at them while having my morning coffee.
Lake Atitlan Boat Service

Guatemala Tour Guide

As Your Guatemala Tour Guide, we offer information on private tours including the following areas: Guatemala, Antigua, Lake Atitlan, Solola, Chichicastenango, Panajachel, Guatemala City, Livingston Guatemala, Market Days, Day Trip, Maya civilization, Pacaya Volcano, Tikal, and Volcano Tours.
Semana Santa in Antigua

Antigua Guatemala – Cautionary Tale

The following is a cautionary tale. My son encountered a friendly member of the criminal element in his journey through Honduras and Belize this winter. He met a man whose face was scared with the trophies of knife fights. And if his stories portrayed him as the victor, you wouldn’t want to see the loser.
Café No Sé

If You Think Café No Sé in Antigua is About Coffee?

If you think Café No Sé on 1st Avenida Sur in Antigua is about coffee, think again. This is a bar and one of Antigua Guatemala’s best late night hang outs. While Mono Loco Bar and Reilly’s Irish Tavern catch much of the travel review attention…
Semana Santa in Antigua

Antigua Guatemala Semana Santa 2017

Antigua Guatemala Semana Santa 2017, In Antigua Guatemala, no matter what season, there is always a surprise, large or small, to be had when you walk out your front door. Among the more moving demonstrations are the processions that happen every…
Guatemala Vacation

Guatemala Vacation | They Told Me Not To Go

Guatemala Vacation | They Told Me Not To Go Panajachel, Guatemala, September 12th 2016. Guatemala Vacation | Everyone told me not to go. Guatemala is often misrepresented by the journalists covering travel destinations.   An article I recently…
Guatemala Smartphone Case

Guatemala Smartphone Case | La Cueva Leather San Juan

Guatemala Smartphone Case | From La Cueva Leather San Juan La Laguna. We all love our Smartphones, some of us are addicted to them, we buy all these gadgets to add to our Smart Phones such as selfie sticks, added memory, and a rubber case to…