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Panajachel Top 3 Burger Joints by Price. I have to admit Pana had lacked the monster burger I have craved from the side of a Food Truck in Austin TX. 27A Burger Joint has delivered that for me.

Panajachel Top 3 Burger Joints by Price 27A Burger Joint

Panajachel Best Hamburger

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This burger joint does everything right. They are located directly across from the La Palapa Bar.

The half pound burgers are made from ground sirloin, juicy, and cooked over a charcoal grill to perfection.

The white and whole wheat hamburger buns are made fresh daily.  And then there are the hand cut french fries, crispy on the outside with just the right softness on the inside and never greasy.

If that alone weren’t enough they also offer homemade cole slaw or a house salad as an alternative side.

Price yes this is not a cheap burger, you get what you pay for and what you get is one of the best burgers you will ever eat.

Panajachel Top 3 Burger Joints by Price Mister Jon’s

Panajachel Top 3 Burger Joints by price

Jon’s has what I call the slider size, for those not familiar with the world famous US Slider, look up White Castle Burgers on-line.

Jon’s burger for Q30 gets you a great tasting burger while on a small home made bun, a double patty and cheese with fries.

Not a bad deal at all.

Jon’s Burger has great taste and you can also get a beer or soft drink with your burger.

Panajachel Top 3 Burger Joints by Price Guateburger

Panajachel Top 3 Burger Joints by price

Panajachel Top 3 Burger Joints by price








We try to never write bad reviews or bad opinions about new business in Pana, I am holding my thoughts as best I can.

Tuesday I decided to take another check on the burger situation in Pana and stopped by the new GuateBurger.

Waited 30 minutes, okay new place, staff etc. I have to be honest I am actually not sure what kind of Beef Patties they are using, if it is beef at all? Thin would be an accurate description. Mostly bun is what you get. Taste none. Price cheap Q26 for my supreme.

For those that have not found GuateBurger yet they are directly across from Chalos Market. You cannot miss the orange colored signs out front.

Next week

La Palapa | Pana’s Party Hostel

Whether its our famous burgers and sandwiches, inexpensive drinks or one of the best parties in all of Guatemala, guests return again and again to La Palapa, Panajachel’s favorite bar, restaurant and party hostel.




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  1. John
    John says:

    LaPalapa is the best cheeseburger by far in all of Guatemala and maybe even the US. It definitely beats these other hamburger places you mentioned in this article.

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