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Lake Atitlan Coffee Tour, San Juan La Laguna, the Highlands of Guatemala produces some of the Best Coffee in Panajachel and in the world.  In fact, we think you’ll fall in love with it the first time you taste it.

If you are in the Lake Atitlan area and are looking for a great cup of java we recommend stopping in Café Moka and CrossRoads Café, both are located in Panajachel.

Or if you are in San Juan La Laguna, La Voz Cooperativa is worth a stop.  Not only to they serve a great cup of coffee they also harvest, process, and roast coffee on the premise.

Lake Atitlan Coffee Tour San Juan La Laguna

Lake Atitlan Coffee Tour San Juan La Laguna Lake Atitlan Coffee Tour[/caption]

Café Moka is located on the second floor of a building overlooking Calle Santander, the main drag of Panajachel.

The owner, Luis, is extremely friendly and welcoming, the coffee is incredible, and the view from their terrace is great for people watching.

They also serve pastries and alcoholic drinks.  The ambiance and the atmosphere are relaxed and provide a great respite from the busy street below.

Another great Lake Atitlan Coffee destination is Crossroads Café, a popular hangout that has been in business since 2000.  They serve exceptional freshly roasted coffee.

Lake Atitlan Coffee Tour San Juan La Laguna

The owner, Mike, is friendly, full of charisma and character, and always willing to impart his knowledge of coffee.  Cross Roads Café is located right off Calle de Los Arboles.

If you are in San Juan La Laguna, La Voz Cooperativa is the place to not only get a fantastic cup of coffee, you can also walk the coffee finca, watch them harvest and process the coffee, and view some of the most extraordinary vistas the lake has to offer.

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Lake Atitlan Coffee Tour

Lake Atitlan Coffee Tour

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