Guatemala Herbal Medicines | Joan Cass

Guatemala Herbal Medicines | Joan Cass

My approach to treating your health issues is based on integrative and functional medicine.

I have spent the last 20 years researching and training in the following areas because I am passionate about assisting my clients in achieving optimal health and well-being:

Electro Acupuncture, Biological pathways, Cellular Membranes, Vagus Nerve, Leaky gut syndrome, Western Herbalist, Natural Remedies, Herbal Medications, Mayan Medicines, Parasites.

Joan Cass Blog

I’ve begun to compile and share the results of my years of research through blog posts. I value the information I post on social media regarding natural health treatments in an attempt to enlighten others.

Guatemala Herbal Medicines | Joan Cass

Guatemala Herbal Medicines Joan Cass

Working directly with Mayan healers provides me with an incredible opportunity to learn from a new perspective and gain insights into traditional therapeutic approaches.

I approach this kind of collaboration with humility, respect, and an open mind.
Mayan herbal medicine has a long history that dates back thousands of years.

The Maya civilization thrived in Mesoamerica between 2000 BC and 1500 AD.

Guatemala has a rich tradition of herbal medicine, influenced by the practices of indigenous Mayan communities and incorporating a blend of traditional knowledge and modern influences.

Many Guatemalans rely on herbal remedies for various health issues. It’s important to note that while herbal medicine can be an integral part of cultural and traditional practices

About Joan Cass

  • I have a thorough awareness of how physiological and environmental factors affect auto-immune disorders
  • My clients value my fresh insights and focus on small but important issues. After the consultation, you’ll have a new perspective on things
  • I provide my clients with instructions on how to develop holistic protocols that include common sense, diet, and herbal medicines

Guatemala Herbal Medicines Joan Cass

2 + 2 = ?

I am a well-respected professional in the sector thanks to my knowledge and enthusiasm.

By developing holistic protocols that include common sense, nutrition, herbal remedies, and energy therapies with my clients, I hope to empower and educate them.

I would like to assist you, whether you are having trouble with challenging patients or are baffled by your own health problems.

Send me a message to arrange your initial consultation.