San Pedro Best Laundry Service I have found around Lake Atitlan.

When you travel finding a great Laundry service can be sometimes without the results one expected.

I have been spending time in San Pedro recently and like all travelers, there comes a time for your laundry to be taken care of.

I tried a few places in San Pedro and one day while walking past El Barrio, by the way, a great place for food I came across this Laundry Service beside the El Barrio.

San Pedro Best Laundry Service

San Pedro Best Laundry Service

After a few attempts at other San Pedro Laundries, I decided on my way home one day to give this service a try.

The next day I picked up my Laundry after they sent me a notice on What’s App my Laundry was ready, grabbed the bag, and off to my house.

When I opened the bag not only did my Laundry smell amazing, each and every piece of my Laundry was perfectly folded, I mean perfect.

San Pedro La Laguna (Spanish pronunciation: [sam ˈpeðɾo la laˈɣuna]) is a Guatemalan town on the southwest shore of Lake Atitlán.

For centuries, San Pedro La Laguna has been inhabited by the Tz’utujil people, and in recent years it has also become a tourist destination for its Spanish language schools, nightlife, and proximity to the lake and volcanoes.

Local crops include corn, beans, coffee, and avocado. Some women make belts, shawls, and skirts with a back strap loom.

San Pedro graduates large numbers of teachers who work in the Atitlán area. Activities for tourists include hikes to the top of the San Pedro volcano or the Mayan Face, studying Spanish, partying in the restaurant sector down by the lakeshore, volunteering, and learning local crafts.

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