Santa Catarina Palopo Weavers

Santa Catarina Palopo is a quiet village along the shores of Lake Atitlan located just 3 miles south-southeast of Panajachel.  The population of this town is 5,000 with the majority of the indigenous residents descending from the Kaqchikel Maya.

The Clothing of  Santa Catarina Palopo Weavers

 Santa Catarina Palopo Weavers

While the traditional native dress has disappeared in many parts of the world, in the highlands of Guatemala indigenous men and women still wear their traditional traje. Today the Indigenous women of Santa Catarina Palopo continue to carry on the art of hand-woven weaving on a back-strap loom producing clothing (traje) for their family as well as for tourists.

Maya traje is striking in color and vary village specific when it comes to design, color, pattern, and length.  Each village traje has unique specific designs and color that is indicative to their village and is a statement of their culture.

 Santa Catarina Palopo Weavers | Familia Típicos Pérez Santa Catarina Palopo Weavers

The most recognizable characteristic of Santa Catarina Palopo traje is the deep blue huipil, or blouse, that is proudly worn by the women throughout the community.

Típicos Pérez

Through their weaving’s the women of Santa Catarina Palopo play an important role in keeping their Mayan culture alive.  One of the families that carry on the tradition of hand-woven weaving is the Pérez family.  For over 20 years they have owned and operated Típicos Pérez.

Típicos Pérez is an amazing family run shop located along the right hand side of the road just past the colonial Catholic Church in Santa Catarina Palopo as you are traveling in the direction towards San Antonio Palopó.  The shop sells a vast array of indigenous clothing in the form of huipil (blouse), corte (skirt), faja (belt), and calzoncillos (short pants).

At this family run business, the practice of traditional weaving has been passed on from grandmother to mother to daughter.  Currently there are three generations of the family, María Sajvin along with her two daughters, and her mother artfully weaving the majority of the clothing sold in their shop.

They create traditional elaborate, detailed, and intricate textiles that are very representative of their community, reflecting and expressing their culture.  This shop is a must visit if you are interested in learning about and purchasing unique and traditional clothing.

Contact Típicos Pérez Tienda – María Sajvin or Leonardo Pérez

Telephone: (502) 5820-7806