Guatemala Cultural Village Experience

Guatemala Cultural Village Experience

Guatemala has diversity unmatched by few regions in the world.  Throughout Guatemala, you can see the natural, historic, and cultural heritage.

It is an area of the world that offers the ideal combination of natural beauties and stunning mountain landscapes.

But there’s not only that, there are the highlands of Guatemala and Lake Atitlan, the deepest lake in Central America, and home to the largest Mayan population.

An area of the world that has a rich history and distinctive traditions that dates back for thousands of years.

The shores of Lake Atitlan are still today a succession of small villages with the vast majority of the residents of the villages being indigenous, descending from the Maya.

Women wear the traditional traje of a hand-made weaving called a huipil and a long skirt, wrapped around the waist.

Men wear cowboy hats, traditional clothing, and carry bags that have been crocheted.

Guatemala Cultural Village Experience

Each village around the lake has its uniqueness such as the ceramics and potters from San Antonio Palopo on the southeast side of the lake.

The women weaving cooperatives in Santa Catarina Palopo on the east side of the lake, and the artistic wood carvings in Santiago on the southwest side of the lake.

San Juan on the west side of the lake has its uniqueness in the many weaving cooperatives using natural dyeing methods and art and leather studios that feature handmade items reflecting Mayan life.

On Our Cultural & Village Experience, we try to blend in as much as possible so that you get a real sense of what life is like here in Lake Atitlan.

We immerse you in the culture and go off the beaten track, behind the scene, and into the homes and home studios of artisans around the lake to take part in their everyday life where you can experience authentic Guatemala.

Have we ignited your passion for an incredible soul-stirring Cultural & Village Experience you can’t find anywhere else?

We believe that the best travel experiences are the ones that move beyond the surface and touch you in the depth of your soul.

Guatemala Cultural Village Experience

Guatemala Cultural Village Experience

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