Medicinal Herbs are Provided by The Lake Atitlan Herbal Pharmacy. Lake Atitlan Tours provides those seeking to purchase Herbs for treatments of Illnesses from the various Villages around Lake Atitlan that grow Mayan Herbal Medicines.

We call it the Pharmacy of Herbs store that will sell and distribute on a local, regional, and global level the teas, tinctures, creams, salves, shampoos, aromatic candles, and soaps made from medicinal plants and herbs that will improve the quality of life of our vast global community.

Medicinal Herbs Provided By The Lake Atitlan Herbal Pharmacy

For the past two years, I offered this service from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala working with indigenous medical practitioners whose knowledge and practice of traditional medicine in Guatemala is as diverse as its cultural heritage and botanical diversity. It is an area rich in cultural diversity, as well as home to a rich biodiversity and immense ecosystem—in fact, the number of herbs used for medicines is utterly endless.

Lake Atitlan Herbal Pharmacy

Lake Atitlan Herbal Pharmacy

Lake Atitlan Herbal Pharmacy

The Life Force – Life energy similar to Chi in Eastern medicine, is everywhere and it means everyone and everything are connected.

Body and Soul Connected – There is no separation between the physical and spiritual realms, they are only different ends of a continuum. Within the continuum are spirits that can help to heal us.

Natural Cycles and Plants – Everything is part of a natural cycle. Plants choose healers and a special relationship develops which allows the healer to utilize the plants.

No One Component of healing is more important – All components of healing, the patient, the healer, their spirits, the plants, and prayer are all equal.

Status of the Blood – Pulses are used to determine imbalance and whether an illness is physical or spiritual. This will in turn determine the course of treatment.

Hot and Cold – Some diseases are “hot” (vomiting) and some are “cold” (paralysis). Some foods are “hot” (onions) and some foods are “cold” (cheese). “Hot” plants treat “Cold” diseases and vice versa. Locals believe it is not wise to eat or drink something very hot and then very cold or vice versa because it’s a shock to the system and will cause gastrointestinal problems.

Grow Your Own Cure – Lake Atitlan Herbal Pharmacy

Grow Your Own Cure is a company located in the highlands of Lake Atitlan Guatemala that is committed to educating and helping move from a world of chemical cures to a place where people are healed through the use of natural medicine found in the leaves, bark, roots, stems, and flowers of herbs.

We welcome your comments as you join us on this journey and help us spread our message to the world.

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