Christmas in Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Christmas Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Christmas Lake Atitlan Guatemala is an amazing experience for all Travelers to experience. Yes, we have Santa Claus, we have parades, and at midnight on Christmas, the villages around Lake Atitlan offer spectacular firework displays.

No matter the location, you may find yourself around the Lake you will be stunned by the spectacle of Fireworks as they light up the sky.

The video attached to this post was shot on the streets of Panajachel on Friday night. The entire streets of Pana were packed with locals and travelers from around the world enjoying the start of Christmas activities.

Fireworks are a part of Christmas pre-celebrations in Guatemala. Stalls are set up in each Village offering the best choices of great fireworks. Not these regulated fireworks are restricted in the US for sale. These are the real deal.

Celebrating Christmas in Guatemala

Celebrating Christmas in Guatemala – Typical Guatemalan Fireworks Stand

Christmas decorations for our homes in Lake Atitlan consist of yes traditional Christmas lights imported from China. Most, we present Pine at the entrance to our homes. Sawdust colored is available at the markets to add to how we show our Christmas spirit.

Food for Christmas celebration consists of Christmas Tamales; these are specially made only for Christmas. Mayan women make these will fruit and other traditional ingredients made only for Christmas.

Christmas in Lake Atitlan Guatemala

We have Turkey for Christmas, Butterball Turkeys imported for the beginning of the holidays to start with thanksgiving. For travelers yes you will find some restaurants and hotels in Panajachel offering a traditional Turkey Christmas spread.

Christmas in Lake Atitlan Guatemala

We have Christmas Trees, compliments of the Gall Beer Company of Guatemala. Each year Gallo Beer arranges for huge Christmas Trees to be placed in the Villages throughout Guatemala.

Season Greetings to all and have a Great Christmas experience in Guatemala. Christmas will be one you will never forget with the kind and generous people of Guatemala and Lake Atitlan.