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Guatemala Rainy Season FactsGrow Your Own Cure

Guatemala Rainy Season Facts

Guatemala Rainy Season Facts, I enjoy the rainy season the most in Guatemala, the mountains around Lake Atitlan turn green, the nights are cool from the rain showers, and best for sleeping.
Guatemala Zika Virus Updates For 2018

Zika Virus Mosquitoes Guatemala?

Zika Virus Mosquitoes Guatemala? Guatemala has mosquitos, but the amount varies by region and time of year. Mosquitos are most plentiful during the rainy season — during this time of year be sure to protect yourself using bug spray, long-sleeved…
Guatemala Rainy Season

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Rainy Season

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Rainy Season. Locals around Lake Atitlan are busy preparing fields in anticipation of the Guatemala Rainy Season rainy season. Travelers and Tourists visiting Guatemala appear to avoid this time of year. Tropical Storms…