Godaddy Support Team

Godaddy Support Team

The world many of us find ourselves in today is relying on technical support in some cases lack of. Websites are for many are the lifeline to help run our business, and when our websites are down we immediately seek technical support from the hosting company. This is my story of a dear friend who found her Godaddy hosted website was down, she is not technical in any way.

For over a week she sat on hold with Godaddy to resolve the problems. Support informing her site was up and running fine, the next day the same issue site was down. I offered to help and turned to Godaddy Chat support, sat waiting for my turn in line sometimes with 60 ahead of me, fine leave the chat window open and wait for the ping support had replied.

Godaddy Support Team

A Message for Godaddy Support Team

I received the same information, the site is fixed, I went to check and none of the page links work. Back on Godaddy Chat, wait in line, always a different reasons or excuses, claiming she had modified files or selling me another service that will solve the problem, none of the Godaddy tech staff would even listen.

She had a backup of the site and as a last resort, I had Godaddy staff delete her website from WordPress and do a fresh install because after she and I both spent hours with Godaddy tech staff it became apparent support was not helping or listening.

The message for the Godaddy Support Team is to provide support as promised in your terms of service, small business owners need support, not excuses, upselling to other products, or false claims.

In making a choice about any hosting provider, cheap is also not the way to go, search blog posts about technical support, ask questions, because without great support your business is at risk.