Guatemala Nanny Service for Travelers

Lake Atitlan Nanny Services.  For months, we thought about offering a Lake Atitlan Nanny Service for Travelers in the Lake Atitlan region.

Mayan Women Love their children and a few long-term ExPats are always looking for a fun day. Like taking care of a Travelers child, if they need a break, want to hike a volcano, we now have a list of great women anxious to take care of from Newborns to bored teens. 

Send us an email to to on WhatsApp 502 4467 9981

The Lake region has welcomed families with children for years; in fact, we recently finished an Upper Rim Hike with kids ranging in age from six months old to 12 years, a large group of nine in total. I asked if a Nanny Service were available would they consider it, the answer was yes.

The Lake Atitlan Region offers a large selection of Vacation Rental Homes by day, week, and month. Ideal for families with children, completely furnished homes with staff if desired, none offers a Nanny Service.

Guatemala Nanny Service for Travelers

Nanny has Baby wrapped in traditional Mayan Textiles.

A great friend owns a service in Boston called Boston Newborn Care, Leeann Keady the owner has been providing Nanny Placement services for years in the Boston Market. Leeann agreed that travelers based on her years of experience have a hard time to find a one day Nanny Service for Travelers.

Guatemala Nanny Service for Travelers

Guatemala Nanny Service for Travelers

Guatemala Nanny Service for Travelers is available in the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala. Our team of seasoned moms is pros at having a fun and safe day with children in all age groups. For more information about our services please fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Or you can reach us on WhatsApp at 502 4457 9981.