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Gluten Free On Your Lake Atitlan Vacation

Those suffering from gluten intolerance may find Lake Atitlan a paradise of Gluten Free Food options.  Kara is Gluten Intolerant and having lived on Lake Atitlan the task of finding Gluten Free Food has been a bit challenging so we have put together the following list of restaurants that offer gluten free food for those of you who are traveling to the Lake.

Gluten Free Lake Atitlan Restaurants

We can suggest a number of restaurants and villages around Lake Atitlan where one can find Gluten Free offerings. This is not common place on Lake Atitlan.

Cafe Kitsch Lake Atitlan, Panajachel, Guatemala Phone 5748-8588.  Further information can be found at
Panajachel, Guatemala

Deli Jasmin – Llama de Fuego Lake Atitlan. Calle Santander Panajachel, Guatemala 502-7762-2585

Il Giardino Lake Atitlan Guatemala, Central America San Marcos La Laguna, Lake Atitlan 8040186

Laguna Lodge Eco-Resort & Nature Reserve Lake Atitlan Guatemala, Central America 1 Tzantizotz
Santa Cruz La Laguna Lake Atitlan, Solola 00000

Lake Villa Guatemala Lake Atitlan Guatemala, Central America Rural Route Santiago Atitlan, Solola 07019 858-224-2569

Moonfish Cafe Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Central America San Marcos Laguna, Atitlan

Grilled tofu burrito with peanut sauce, avocado, rice, tomato, and fresh herbs, and a serving of guacamole on the side, and a banana/papaya licuado (smoothie).
– Hummus dish with pita bread and salad covered with tahini, and a hot cocoa.
– Tofu scramble breakfast with vegetables, seasoning and herbs, and on the side some rice, refried beans, whole grain bread and crushed tomatoes.

Zotz Restaurant Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Central America 1 Tzantizotz, Santa Cruz La Laguna, Lake Atitlan Solola, Guatemala +502-7823-2529

Gluten Free Lake Atitlan Supermarkets

Gluten Free Lake Atitlan Supermarkets

Sandra’s Supermarket,  Principal (Calle Real), past the top of C./ Santander. Great mini-supermarket with gluten-free products, organic veg, soya milk, local produce, good herbal teas, sweet chili sauce.

The Pana Health Food Store, at the “El Patio about half way down, on your right. (502) 5207 4974,

Salud Para Vida Lake Atitlan San Pedro. They are a small neighborhood health store In San Pedro bringing a little comfort and a lot of high quality healthy products to travelers, tourists and Guatemalans.
Since the store opening in July of 2009, many people from around the world have told us how much it reminds them of their little health food store or co-op back home.

Chalos market in Panajachel has Gluten Free Pasta and Gluten Free crackers.