Guatemala Solo Female Travelers

Solo Female Travelers in Guatemala. Traveling alone as a female in Guatemala you will find respect and safe passage no matter where you find yourself in Guatemala. If you plan to be out late at night always, think about the fact you are in a new place and caution advised as if you were in any big city.

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Solo Female Travelers in Guatemala what to wear when traveling to Guatemala is always a question asked by all travelers, for a woman you will find Guatemala weather the land of perpetual sprint time. Hot days in the high 70”s and cool evening, always bring a wrap, shawl or long sleeved sweater is advise. Mornings can be cool to the skin.

Solo Female Travelers in Guatemala. DO you need to know Spanish; for the most part, you do not need Spanish to travel. Guatemala is a diverse country Spanish is spoken throughout; English is spoken by most in the country. In the more remote regions, local Mayan Dialects are the languages you will find.

Food or many types offered. It is truly like going to a dinner party with local Guatemaltecas, except this dinner party moves. From Pupusas, to Corn Tamales and Rellenitos de Plátano, to Elote and Chuchitos take a walking tour to discover some of Guatemala’s best street food. Alternatively, enjoy a night out at one of Guatemala’s fine restaurants.

Solo Female Travelers

The Village of San Juan Lake Atitlan

If you are the type looking for hiking, moderate to extreme, Guatemala will provide you with options from climbing a Volcano at Sunrise or walking the Upper Rim Region of Lake Atitlan with spectacular views of the Mountains and Volcanos.

Solo Female Travelers

Lake Atitlan Volcano Tour San Pedro

If you are inspired to learn more about the Mayan Culture and private Tour of the Villages surrounding Antigua and Lake Atitlan with introduce you to Art, Weaver, and Textile production, coffee Guatemala is Famous for, stop by a Finca or Farm and taste the best Coffee from Guatemala.

Solo Female Travelers in Guatemala. Shopping, Guatemala offers shopping for everything from handmade clothing, crafts, art, ceramics, cosmetic and jewelry. If you stay away from the major Tourist, locations and wonder outside these cities you will numerous Artisans that you can buy direct.

Solo Female Travelers

Solo Female Travelers

Night life of all kinds from Salsa, dance clubs, local bands mostly on weekends the towns and cities of Guatemala you can enjoy an evening of entertainment that will fit a wide range of interest.

Transportation ranges from private and group shuttles, excellent bus services offered covering the entire country. For the more adventurous, a chicken bus ride is a local form of getting around. If you decide to rent a car, have full coverage. In smaller areas you will find Pickups, Tuk Tuks and Boat service are plentiful.

Enjoy Guatemala, you will find the people friendly, loving, and kind. That is if you are respectful and do not take pictures without asking.