Changing US Dollars to Quetzal

Changing US Dollars to Quetzal in Guatemala can be confusing and challenging for those Traveling to Guatemala on Vacation.

The most important fact a Traveler coming to Guatemala with US Dollars the bills must be NEW BILLS, if not the Guatemalan Banks will not take used bills or bills with marks, pen marks anything. $20.00’s, $50.00”s, and $100.00’s are all a Guatemala Bank will accept.

The next issue is when you go to a Guatemala Bank wanting to change US Dollars to Quetzal a Tourist can only exchange up to $500.00 in total for the month. At most banks, you will find a limit of $200.00 per week. The computer between Banks are connected, so they know how many times you have tried.

You need to have your Passport and the name of the Hotel you are staying at. The Banks require these documents and information in order to exchange US Dollars for Quetzal. The current exchange rate at a Guatemala Bank is, 1 US Dollar equals 7.36 Guatemalan Quetzal.

Tour Companies and Shuttle Services prefer to be Paid in Quetzal.

Hotels in most cases will accept US Dollars.

Changing US Dollars to Quetzal in Guatemala

Changing US Dollars to Quetzal in Guatemala

If you find yourself over the $500.00 limit, there are many shops that exchange US Dollars, the only issue is they will only offer an exchange rate of 6.00 percent.

The best advice is before you head to Guatemala go to your local bank and see if they will provide Quetzal for your trip. The last point at the Guatemala International Airport is exchange services. The problem with these exchange shops the rates are not very good.

The banks listed below will exchange US Dollars for Quetzal in Guatemala

Banco Agromercantil de Guatemala

BAC Bank Guatemala

Banco Industrial Guatemala

Banrural Guatemala

GT Continental Bank

Guatemala is a breathtaking country to visit and enjoy a travel vacation. Banking and exchanging US Dollars can be a slight inconvenience. The rest of the Country of Guatemala and the people you will find are amazing and kind.