Hundreds of Happy Faces on Social Media. The appearance of everyone enjoying life and having fun. The last two years of this Pandemic have not provided happy faces for thousands. I remained one of the lucky ones if, lucky is the correct word.

I See Hundreds of Happy Faces

The happy faces I see are on social media, hiking, out with friends, what appears to be a normal life.  Thousands have been separated by this disease, coined by the media as Covid Refuges. My two daughters are now classified as such. Stranded in London seeking to find a country that will take them and one not ravaged by this disease.

They remain healthy, however, the fear of this has taken a toll. They once felt hope and promise this will soon end. Now they are on the run.

Over the last three weeks, I no longer have a happy face or feel lucky, this disease has reached deep into my extended family, kids I have watched grow up made it through, now their mother and father are fighting the disease, like many others around them.

I had great plans, a new life ahead of me now those plans are gone. I am a fighter, today the fight is harder than ever before. When I see happy faces, I wish someday I may join you in joy, the feeling of being happy has been out of my life for a long time.

For all who have survived keep fighting. We all hope for one day we can have a happy face again.