Café No Sé

If You Think Café No Sé in Antigua is About Coffee?

If you think Café No Sé on 1st Avenida Sur in Antigua is about coffee, think again. This is a bar and one of Antigua Guatemala’s best late night hang outs. While Mono Loco Bar and Reilly’s Irish Tavern catch much of the travel review attention Café No Sé is my choice for late night entertainment.

This is a funky bar with strange decorations and remarks written on the walls. Yes, they feature three kinds of Mescal by the shot. On a piece of card board is a list of banned music to be played including Lady Gaga and even Metallica. Stitched together burlap coffee sacks act as the entrance to a different bar.

Café No Sé

Café No Sé

What  Café No Sé is most famous for is what I would call the “Mescal Bar”.  Off of the main bar is a doorway with an old 1950’s style refrigerator door as the entrance. Late at night when the other bars close groups stay and hang out in the Mescal Bar at Café No Sé.

The drinks are cheap and they offer many to choose from, including draft Beer Gallo and Mescal by the shot. When you compare the big gun bars in Antigua like Mono Loco and Reilly’s Irish Tavern, well this bar has them beat hands down.

Get to the bar before 1:00am in the morning or before the doors close or you will miss the party.

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Cold beer
Uncomfortable seats
Confused staff
Deviant Behavior
Hearts to break
The Mezcal Bar

Live Music Every Night!

Monday: Mercedes
Tuesday: Kenny & Gustavo
Wednesday: Tom & Willy
Thursday: Kenny & Gustavo
Friday: Guest artist
Saturday: Ishto Jueves
Sunday: Tom & Willy

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