Guatemala Casa Palopo Dining Experience was the worse food I have ever had. For those not familiar with Casa Palopo let us offer a short introduction before we get into the food and dining experience. Did we complain? Based on calling the resort we find that complaints appear to go unnoticed. So the point of the blog post.

Casa Palopo Dining Experience

Originally a private home, Casa Palopo has been artfully transformed into an award-winning luxury boutique hotel with two very distinct types of accommodation; our original charming boutique-style hotel, and a more recent addition, a fully equipped 2 bedroom private villa.

The main hotel has seven rooms, of varying sizes; all enjoy a unique touch through the use of furniture, textiles, art, and color. The modern bathrooms in each suite are a work of art, tiled with Guatemalan tiles, and offering L’Occitane personal care products. Private balconies open onto panoramic vistas in each of the rooms.

Casa Palopo Dining Experience
Casa Palopo claims to have a winning restaurant and bar, and a fire lit lounge furnished with overstuffed couches, dramatic paintings, and Guatemalan textiles are also located in the main building. Guests enjoy meals on the patio with expansive views of the lake and volcanoes, and candlelight dinners in the evenings. Just outside the restaurant is our solar heated pool.

Casa Palopo is located 7 kilometers outside of the Village of Panajachel on the Shores of Lake Atitlan. Casa Palopo is 1 kilometer outside of the village of Santa Catarina Palopo.

The property is exclusive, private, with an active helicopter pad, if this indicated the type of guests the hotel draws from around the world.

Guatemala Casa Palopo 6.8 Palopó

My Daughters made reservations for the Restaurant for Father’s Day as a treat for me. We arrived at 5:30 to the restaurant, and we were greeted with both Spanish and English speaking staff, and menu as well.

The views, picture yourself high up on a hillside, with an unobstructed view from the terrace of the restaurant facing Lake Atitlan. That in itself makes the experience worth going to Casa Palopo.

The service is first class, and attentive staff remains slightly out of site and view. Carlos our waiter is a local from the village of Santa Catarina. He speaks perfect English and paced out meals to our time.

The food is different than the typical food we find in other high end eating establishments around the lake. Drinks include wine, cocktails, and local beer.

The Tuna Tar Tar as an appetizer was excellent.  I had the steak and Foie Gras. The chef needs to learn how to prepare Foie Gras, we also had the salmon perfect right one.

Guatemala Casa Palopo Dining Experience

Desert we enjoyed Bananas Foster, different yet enjoyable.

The complaints I would have been, near the end of our fine dining, the staff decided to set a table for ten right behind us.

Which appeared odd as the restaurant is large covering a huge terrace area and to place 10 noisy people right on top of us kind of took the romance and atmosphere of our experience, time to leave.

The steak and Foie Gras I had which cost Q250, was not good, the steak was like a large piece of muscle, the Foie Gras was like eating slime.

Second Visit to Casa Palopo Dining Experience.

We thought okay the Chef at Casa Palopo had an off night, we decided to give the resort another chance.

Three of us had the Sea Bass, we all did not eat it and left with little plastic containers of Sea Bass. I can only suggest to Casa Palopo to revamp the menu and hire a Chef.

The prices of the restaurant at Casa Palopo are high even Guatemala prices.