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As Your Guatemala Tour Guide, we offer information on private tours including the following areas: Guatemala, Antigua, Lake Atitlan, Solola, Chichicastenango, Panajachel, Guatemala City, Livingston Guatemala, Market Days, Day Trip, Maya civilization, Pacaya Volcano, Tikal, and Volcano Tours.

Your Guatemala Tour Guide Tours of Monterrey which is renowned for its black volcanic beach sand.

Your Guatemala Tour Guide

Monterrico and Livingston Guatemala Beaches

A special day trip is the bus ride and day’s stay on the Pacific side. Monterrico is renowned for its black volcanic beach sand. There’s an undertow so if you do go for a dip, stay close to shore. Pleasant restaurants and bars offer views of the Pacific. A day tour includes the bus ride and lunch, which makes for the perfect day-away. Return shuttle buses charge about $18, leaving around 8 a.m. and returning to Antigua Guatemala around 3 p.m. Or you can stay for a few days in one of the many holiday hotels in this beach town.

Your Guatemala Tour Guide. The Coffee production in Guatemala is an important part of the Guatemalan economy.

Your Guatemala Tour Guide

La Voz Coffee San Juan La Laguna

The cultivation of coffee, a historical overview of the distribution of land and the means of production in Guatemala, now gives us an idea eloquently of the factors that influence to provide the best coffee in the region and its process from the plant, to cup and taste. You can visit a coffee farm or a coffee museum to see the process of how the best coffee is harvested and toasted before it gets to your cup. There are several options in town to see and enjoy.

Your Guatemala Tour Guide

Your Guatemala Tour Guide

Antigua Guatemala has a large concentration of historical Churches for travelers to enjoy tours of. The surrounding areas of Antigua Guatemala also have some of the most spectacular churches in the villages surrounding Antigua.

Antigua Private Tours painting and archeology: San Juan Comalapa and Iximche archaeological site

Your Guatemala Tour Guide

San Juan Comalapa, has the largest mural with pictures of the history of Guatemala, also shows a unique style of painting primitivist underway at the master Andres Curruchiche, visit the market and art galleries, the Catholic Church. Iximche onward journey. A stop at restaurants or Pauline Katoc to taste the best food in the Guatemalan highlands. Finally, the site visit Iximche classic post lordship of capital Kakchikel and place where he founded the capital of Guatemala, besides the visit to the town of Tecpan Guatemala.

Your Guatemala Tour Guide
Your Guatemala Tour Guide, Tours of Panajachel, Lake Atitlan. Many have called Lake Atitlan the most beautiful lake in the world. Lake Atitlan is one of the most visited its shores has been populated by Hispanic people with Maya living today, the tour includes transport by minibus, boat ride, guide, visit three villages in each of the towns, you have the opportunity to interact with the weavers, artisans of the lake and know more about their customs, besides tasting the best food in the region.

The Chichicastenango market, has ancient roots, for the exchange of goods and services

Your Guatemala Tour Guide

Many of the larger Mayan towns have market days one or two times a week. If you are in Antigua Guatemala, don’t miss the huge market, La Bodegona, which is near the bus terminal just off the Alameda Santa Lucia. Bursting with color, Mayan chocolate and flowers and food of all descriptions, this is a bustling and authentic marketplace that attracts local Guatemalans and tourists alike.

The Pacaya Volcano is one of the active volcanoes of Guatemala.

There are two ways to appreciate the volatility and beauty of the Pacaya Volcano. You can sit on a terrace in some bars and restaurants in Antigua Guatemala and watch the red lava ribbon make its way down the volcano slope. It’s most dramatic at night. Or you can go to Pacaya on a guided or unguided tour. Both are great experiences.

Private Walking Tour of Antigua: Duration 4 hours | A walk through the most important sites of the city

your guatemala tour guide

A walk through the most important sites of the city, visiting: Plaza Mayor and the description of its main buildings, then visit the museum of the University of San Carlos, Capuchin Convent, Church of Our Lady of Carmen, Convent of Santa Clara Church of La Merced, Hotel Casa Santo Domingo. Finish the tour with the view from the Cerro de la Candelaria and Cerro de la Cruz.