Guatemalan Artists Paintings, Weavers, Leather Products is part of the countries history filled with talented Guatemalan Artists, Painters, Weavers and Leather Products.

The streets of Antigua Guatemala feature numerous works of local artists. Each day below the famed arch in Antigua artists and painters sit and sketch out works of art depicting the history of Antigua through their eyes. Tourists watch these artists create incredible paintings that can be purchased.

Guatemalan Artists Painters Weavers

Guatemalan Artists | Painters | Weavers | Leather Products

Guatemalan Artists | Painters | Weavers | Leather Products

To find true Guatemalan Leather Products one must visit the village of Pastores Guatemala.  In Pastores you will find Hand Crafted Leather Boots, Purses, Tots and Backpacks.   There are as many as 25 leather shops, side by side, all offering stunning works of leather art, each different as the craftsman design and hand make each unique piece. Pastores is best know for cowboy boots, cuban heal, snake skin, any type of hide, they do it all in Pastores and the prices are very reasonable prices.

Nicolas Pop is the owner of La Cueva Leather Products

In San Juan La Laguna on the shores of Lake Atitlan exists a small leather artist. Nicolas Pop is the owner of La Cueva Leather products. He is a self-taught leather craftsman who was born and raised in San Juan La Laguna. His interest in leather began as a child, while accompanying his grandfather on hunting trips in the mountains surrounding Lake Atitlan.

From his small shop in San Juan Nicolas creates shoes, purses, wallets, handbags and large tote bags. His style is uniquely different then any other works we have seen in Guatemala. Only have a day to visit, Nicolas and his wife can help you with a custom item within a few hours in most cases.

Guatemalan Artists

Guatemalan Handmade Brown Leather Tote Bag

Throughout the country of Guatemala in every village and pueblo you will find weavers that take roots and barks to make incredible dyes to make the colors and fabrics come to life while sitting on the ground using back-strap weaving techniques. Yes handmade, handwoven, hand dyed, and sold in the villages the weavers live in mostly to tourists that frequent these small villages in search of that one of a kind piece of weaving which we consider ART. I consider these woven fabrics as an art form due to the fact of the handmade aspect of the pieces.

Villages of Lake Atitlan Guatemala


Women Cooperatives abound throughout Guatemala. Guatemalan weavers are all woman and these Cooperatives can help employ as many as 40 woman working together in a village to support their families.

On-line you will find numerous websites selling Guatemalan Weaving Products, beware of the these websites. Similar to the shops selling weaving one finds all over Guatemala in many cases what looks like a hand woven product will actually have been made on a machine in China.

Yenifer Margarita Vásquez Mendoza gets her painting skills naturally

Guatemalan Artists

Guatemalan Artists

Guatemalan Painters are everywhere in Guatemala. The painters of Guatemala paint with mostly oil and the scenes presented in the final paintings are representative of the region of the country the painter lives in. Consider the Antonio Vásquez Yojcóm Artist Family, son, daughter and wife all are talented painters and artists, with each developing their own style and look to the paintings they created.

As the daughter of the well-known San Juan La Laguna, Lake Atitlan painters Antonio Vásquez Yojcóm and Juana Mendoza Cholotio, Yenifer Margarita Vásquez Mendoza gets her painting skills naturally.

Guatemalan Artists Painters, Weavers and Leather Products

Guatemalan Artists, Painters, Weavers, Leather Products are a part of the history and culture of Guatemala. If you are looking to find an original Painting, Weaver or Leather Product, take my advise and visit the villages and pueblos that make Guatemala so unique.