San Antonio Palopo Lake Atitlan Facts

Guatemalan Mayan Pottery Sale perhaps needs some explanation or clarification of the differences in Mayan Pottery and the Ceramics found in the Village of San Antonio Palopo on Lake Atitlan Guatemala.

The difference is first explained in pictures of the difference between Guatemalan Mayan Pottery and Guatemalan Ceramics.

Lake Atitlan Guatemalan Mayan Pottery Sale

Mayan Pottery

The Picture above was taken at San Antonio Palopo at the Ceramics Factory along Lake Atitlan. This process of creating Ceramics uses molds and the final product is then hand painted and fired in a Kiln.

Lake Atitlan Guatemalan Mayan Pottery Sale

Guatemalan Ceramics Hand Made Vase

The Ceramics of San Antonio Palopo is all hand painted with very integrate detail. colors and patterns.

Lake Atitlan Guatemalan Mayan Pottery Sale

Lake Atitlan Guatemalan Mayan Pottery Sale


Lake Atitlan Guatemalan Mayan Pottery Sale

Lake Atitlan Guatemalan Mayan Pottery Sale


Guatemalan Maya use today for clay. The Highland of Guatemala has a rich geological history comprised mainly from a volcanic past. The metamorphic and igneous rock, as well as the sand and ash from the pumice areas provide many types of tempering. In the area, there are a range of clays that create varied colors and strengths when fired.

Today’s Maya locate their clays in the exposed river systems of the highland valleys. It is hypothesized that the ancient people obtained their clay by the same method as today’s Maya.

The clays are located in exposed river systems of the highland valleys. Most likely, due to the climatic similarities over the last millennia it is likely that these same deposits or similar ones could have been used in early times.

Lake Atitlan Guatemalan Mayan Pottery Sale

Lake Atitlan Guatemalan Mayan Pottery Sale

We use only Mayan Pots for our cooking and Food tastes better when it is cooked in a clay pot, everyone agrees. The Mayan Clay Pottery will withstand heat, cold and cleans easily with soap and water. Baking anything, Meat, Roasts, Vegetables and Pies turn out with incredible tastes.

Guatemalan Mayan Pottery Sale

Guatemalan Mayan Pottery Sale Prices very significantly. A Mayan clay cooking pot similar to those listed in the picture above can be found at the Chichi Market for $10.00. A Ceramics Coffee Mug from San Antonio Palopo Ceramics Factory can range from $25 and up.

Both types of Ceramics or Mayan Pottery are handmade and will last for years.

Lake Atitlan Market Tours | Panajachel and Chichi

Chichicastenango is well known for its famous market days on Thursdays and Sundays where vendors sell handicrafts, food, flowers, pottery, wooden boxes, condiments, medicinal plants, candles, pom[disambiguation needed] and copal (traditional incense), cal (lime stones for preparing tortillas), grindstones, pigs and chickens, machetes, and other tools. In the central part of the market plaza are small eateries (comedores).

Tour San Antonio Palopo Village and Ceramics

The pottery and ceramics that are created in San Antonio Palopó incorporates hand-painted unique indigenous designs in a range of colors and motifs that showcase the indigenous culture, themes, and motifs in a vibrant style.

In fact, this source of great clay is exactly what brought the legendary potter Ken Edwards to Guatemala in the 1990s where he established a ceramic studio.

Edwards taught the locals modern techniques which they then combined with ancient pottery influences to produce the world renowned San Antonio Palopó pottery and ceramics that you see today.