San Antonio Palopo Restaurant

San Antonio Palopo Empanadas Terrazas del Lago, if you have ever visited Lake Atitlan Guatemala, you probably know all the popular restaurants frequented by tourists.   However, once you live at Lake Atitlan you start exploring and learning about all the little hidden gem restaurants scattered around the lake.

San Antonio Palopo Empanadas Terrazas del Lago Hotel

These are the places that serve unique food that isn’t typically served at all the other dining establishments.  This brings me to Hotel Terrazas del Lago located in San Antonio Palopo where they serve up delicious homemade empanadas.

San Antonio Palopo Empanadas

San Antonio Palopo Empanadas

This quaint hotel and restaurant are set on a hillside overlooking Lake Atitlan in the village of San Antonio Palopo.  And while part of its charm is that it is located in a village that only attracts those willing to go off the beaten path, for many mainstream tourists San Antonio Palopo is too unknown and remains out of the limelight.  The other part of its charm is that it’s one of the best-kept secrets and Terrazas del Lago is a hidden gem within.

San Antonio Palopo Lake Atitlan Empanadas

With a large terrace overlooking the lake and mountains, you are surrounded by banana, papaya, orange, and lime trees where you can watch the rhythms of everyday life unfold on the street and waters below while you dine on empanadas.

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Traditionally eaten as street food, empanadas are Central and South American pastries that can be eaten as a snack or as lunch or dinner.  Empanadas are best described as a pastry turnover that is filled with a variety or sweet or savory ingredients and then fried or baked.  The stuffing can consist of vegetables, meat, cheese, beans, or fruit.  If you’re still not clear on what they are think Calzone from Italy, Pasty from Cornwall, England, or Hot Pocket from the United States.

And while you’re enjoying your empanada grab yourself a Guatemala coffee and enjoy some of the best coffee in the world.


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