Tecpán Guatemala Restaurants

Tecpán Guatemala Restaurants

Tecpán Guatemala Restaurants, the wonderful aromas of garlic, onions, peppers, and grilled beef drifts through the breeze outside San Ricardo Restaurant’s vibrant farm and lodge in Tecpán Guatemala Restaurants.

Tecpán Guatemala Restaurants

Tecpan has a rich agricultural heritage and a wonderful selection of locally grown produce, along with an ample dairy industry.  Together the locally grown produce and the dairy industry translate to a thriving dining scene where you can taste great cheese, meat, chicken, and tipico plates.

San Ricardo Farm & Lodge

Tecpán Guatemala Restaurants

Tecpán is known as the gastronomic route because it has more than 50 restaurants located along the 14 km route through the area located along the Inter-American highway.

One of the best and most unique Tecpán Guatemala Restaurants is located along this corridor off of the highway in a tranquil and private setting it is the San Ricardo Restaurant located on the grounds of San Ricardo Farm & Lodge.  Surrounded by beautiful gardens, San Ricardo Farm & Lodge features a hotel, garden, playground, events area, farmhouse, shops, and of course their gem of a restaurant.

Tecpán Guatemala Restaurants

Tecpán Guatemala Restaurants

The restaurant is clean and welcoming in its simplicity.  The design sets the tone for a very comfortable and relaxed dining experience with wonderful ambiance.

The restaurant serves what best can be described as gourmet country cuisine, including barbecues, soups, beef and chicken skewers, wood fired pizzas, and traditional Guatemalan dishes.  They also make their own homemade sausages, cheese, and salsas that are produced right on the farm.

San Ricardo Farm & Lodge Tecpan Guatemala

Not only does San Ricardo Farm & Lodge serve up some delicious food and offer unique lodging it also is a great destination where you can partake in painting workshops on the weekends and activities such as horseback riding, tractor rides, bicycling, and hiking that provide a peace and harmony with nature.

Whether visiting the Iximche Mayan Ruins located 6.7 miles (10.8 km) from San Ricardo Restaurant’s, La Merced Church in Antigua located 32 miles (52 km), Chimaltenango (located 25 miles (55 km ), or Chichicastenango Market located within 32 miles (52 km) dining at San Ricardo Restaurant is sure to please everyone.

For more information on San Ricardo Farm & Lodge visit their website at http://www.sanricardofarm-lodge.com.gt/. They are located at Km.82.5 on Inter-American highway in Tecpan Guatemala.

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