Lake Atitlan 3 Day Tour

Lake Atitlan 3 Day Tour

For those interested in a Lake Atitlan 3 Day Tour exploring the highlands of Guatemala this Lake Atitlan 3 day tour provides a voyage of discovery that goes beyond the scope of the big attractions and takes you to hidden trails and backroads.

Lake Atitlan 3 Day Tour

The highlands are the gem of Guatemala and we are sure you will agree when you experience the truly unique area, home to the largest Mayan population in the world.

Day 1

Lake Atitlan 3 Day Tour

San Pedro La Laguna Sculpture

This is a tour in its purest form.  Our journey takes us high into the Sierra Madre Mountains to an indigenous village in the Guatemalan countryside.  Our adventure begins with an open ride up the mountain where you’ll have expansive panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and volcanoes.

On arrival to the village San Pedro, you will be taken back in time as you observe the ancient practices of farming and a way of life that has hardly changed in hundreds of years.

This tour provides you with ample time to meet the villagers, explore the farm and surrounding area, and see a close up vignette of Guatemalan countryside life.

One of the unique characteristics about this village is that 100 percent of its inhabitants are indigenous.  We explore the trails and paths through the terraced agriculture fields high in the Sierra Madre mountain range.

We visit a bustling colorful indigenous market engaging with the friendly locals, a great introduction to their way of life.  This is not a village on the tourist map.  It offers an incredibly unique and authentic experience.

Day 2

Lake Atitlan 3 Day Tour

Guatemala’s indigenous populations occupy a unique place where a rich heritage of traditional knowledge and practice and belief runs through every aspect of their life.  This can be seen in their thriving art community, rich history of traditional healing using herbal remedies, and their every day practices.

Today’s tour takes you beyond the veneer where you experience local indigenous culture meeting with local artists in their homes and studios as you watch them create beautiful textiles made from natural hand dyed thread, indigenous paintings, and handmade leather goods.

Participants will explore the medical gardens in San Pedro and San Juan, meet with local indigenous healers, and learn about the history, cultivation and role medicinal plants play in health and healing.

We will be joining a local indigenous family in their home for a special traditional meal of pepian or mole, both dishes are typically served for special occasions in Guatemala.  You will also get to try your hand at making tortillas.

Day 3

Lake Atitlan 3 Day Tour

Lake Atitlan Tour | San Antonio Palopó | Santa Catarina Palopó

Our third day involves more great back road exploring through villages and farmland as we explore the villages of Santiago and San Lucas Toliman.  Few places in the world offer visitors the serene feeling of wonder and amazement mixed with cultural connection and history that Santiago Atitlan does.

With such a rich history, Santiago Atitlan has a variety of sights that we will be exploring.   Known for their exceptional ceviche travelers are given the option of a ceviche lunch or a traditional tipico lunch at a local comedor.

One of the most beautiful areas around Lake Atitlan is the journey between Santiago and San Lucas Toliman where the narrow scenic winding stretch of road along the Lake Atitlan shoreline twists and turns as it travels through the hills and mountains with a canopy of trees overhead the majority of the time.

After exploring San Lucas Toliman we take the boat to the village of San Antonio Palopo to visit the artists and explore the unique indigenous pottery and ceramic factories.  We will also visit a few women’s weaving cooperatives.

Lake Atitlan 3 Day Tour

TRIP DURATION: roughly 8 hours (per day)

TRIP LOCATION: Lake Atitlan and Surrounding Area


TRIP DETAILS: $325 (Q2490) – 1 person (private tour) / $255.00 (Q1950) per person – 2 or more people

WHAT TO BRING: Bring camera, water, snacks, sun protection (hat, shades, sunscreen), good walking shoes or sneakers are recommended (no flip-flops), and be prepared to have an incredible adventure!